About False Eyelashes

About False Eyelashes

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  1. False eyelashes draw more attention to a person’s eyes and add a touch of lush glamour to her overall look. It’s important, however, that false eyelashes are applied properly to protect eyes from damage. Go for a natural-looking lash when trying out false lashes for the first time.

    Knowing What Lashes To Buy
    For most people, a black or brown eyelash likely will be the closest color to natural lashes. Choose a full set that will make the lash line more dense. Those that are partial lashes draw even more attention to the head, defeating the natural lash concept.

    Lashes should not allow light to pass through them; if they do, they might look unnatural. Consumers have two options when choosing eyelashes, permanent (a cosmetic procedure that costs thousands but maximizes the look of the lash) or semi-permanent. Some eyelash brands include, but are not limited to: MAC Cosmetics, Revlon, Ardell and Shu Uemura.

    Applying False Eyelashes Properly
    Use eyelash glue (many sets come with it; if not, purchase it separately) and apply it your finger. This glue should be applied to the bottom edge of the eyelash (where it will be fastened to your eye). Pull the eyelash through the glue and give it about 10 seconds to set on the lash before applying the piece to your eyelid. Place the lash as close to the lash line as possible and secure it in place by pushing down from center to the corner; repeat on the other side of the lash. Allow it to dry properly before continuing any other makeup application. Applying one coat of mascara may also help set the process, and keep the eyelash looking natural and in place. To further disguise the lash, apply one coat of eyeliner across your eyelid.

    Removing Fake Eyelashes
    First-time users of fake eyelashes sometimes mistakenly try pulling off the eyelashes. Avoid this, as it could pull off your natural lashes as well. Instead, purchase an eye lash remover to help. Dab the remover along the lash line with a cotton ball or swab. If you don’t have a remover, a simple eye makeup remover (not creme based) can do the trick. After the remover softens the eyelash, take one corner of the lash and gently pull. The lash should lift and become free from the natural lash line. Do this on the other eye as well. Remember to remove all eyelash glue from each eye after removing lashes.

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