1. If you’re thinking about bringing a Chihuahua home to be part of your family then you will want to look into the pros and cons of how you go about getting the new family pet. This includes finding shelters that have Chihuahuas up for adoption, or even adopting them from someone who is not able to take care of them or choosing to use a breeder to purchase your Chihuahua from. There are many good and bad things that can go along with either choice.

    Adopting a Chihuahua

    When you adopt a Chihuahua then you have the good feeling of knowing you’re giving this chi a new chance at life. This is something that everyone should look into since you get to choose which dog you would like, and bring them home to show them something better than what they had before. The down side of doing this is that you might not know the dog’s background, and what they are coming from. This is something you will want to consider when placing them in a home with small children. You can choose to adopt an older or younger dog as well meaning you can skip over the puppy days and go straight on to fully trained.

    Purchasing a Chihuahua

    Going this way pretty much guarantees that you will receive a healthy, happy dog with no background issues. You receive them when they are puppies so they will know you, but you will not have the option of getting them fully trained. You have to train them, or hire someone to do it for you. Make sure you go to a respectable breeder as well. Too many backyard breeders are out there saying their dogs are high quality, but honestly they are producing dogs too fast, and not taking care of any of them. Purchasing a chi puppy might be expensive, but sometimes it is the best thing to do if you cannot find any in the shelter, or if you would like a puppy to grow up around kids and not have to worry about them biting them.

    There are many options for you when it comes to purchasing or adopting a Chihuahua. It all depends on your lifestyle, and what you specifically need as far as a dog goes. Look into both options today to see if they have the Chihuahua you’re looking for. 

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