1. Consignment shops are the rage in large and small towns. They are a place to have fun, and get some good bargains  Sometimes the purchases there can be for fun items or the very latest fashions.

    Consignment shops usually charge a commission on every item that is sold. They price the items for the consignee and take care of the display of these items. 

    It is a win-win situation for parents, who are looking to purchase children’s clothing or wanting to get some cash for outgrown children’s clothing.

    It is a wonderful place to purchase prom gowns and other fancy dresses, for less than half the price of new. Most of this clothing has been worn only once.

    Men, who wear their clothing out, appreciate purchasing work clothes at a discount price.;

    Purses and shoes are usually available at these stores, also. Shoe brands such as Nike, Nine West, and Reebok sell for reasonable prices.  Some of these shoes are brand new, others are slightly worn.

    The secret to consignment shopping is to shop a Consignment Shop that is of high quality. That means that the merchandise is clean and slightly worn. Make sure that they have many consignors, as this will make insure that there will be a variety of merchandise offered.

    Check the store’s return policy. Most consignment shop do not allow returns, but will allow you to re-consign the item. This means that you might not get back what you paid for originally. This is important when it comes to children’s clothing. There is usually a dressing room to try on the clothing before purchase.

    Consignment shops have various policies about payment types. Some will take credit cards: others just cash or checks. Check this out before you select an item to purchase and find out then they will take credit or debit cards.

    Consignors who bring clothing into the store are usually given a rules sheet. These rules vary by shop.  Some shops allow consignors a maximum number of items; others have a minimum amount of items in order to open an account.

    Most shops pay monthly, however, they do not mail checks. Consignors must come in to check their account.

    Some stores allow the money earned to be used as a store credit; others will issue a check or cash payment.

    It is understood that in most consignment shops, the item will stay three months and then be discounted. After discounted and not sold, it is the option of the consignor to pick up their item or it will be donated to a local charity.

    In order to receive credit for the donation, a donation slip must be asked for by the consignor. There is a charge to receive one of these slips, in most shops.

    Consignor shops are the growing trend in most cities. The variety of merchandise is astounding in the larger towns. This is the ideal opportunity to get namebrand clothing at ridiculously low prices.


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