1. If you have a Chihuahua then you know the importance of having them get along with the rest of the family. This is why having a smaller Chihuahua might not be the best thing. This is what others think. I, however think something different. I adopted a Chihuahua when my youngest was just a few months old. My Chihuahua and son got along together perfectly. I think it might be the way that you raise the Chihuahua that depends on whether or not they like to be around children. This is not the case for all Chihuahuas but for most it is.

    They can become snippy and bark a lot, but you should also teach your children when it wouldn’t be a good time to pet the dog. You should also teach them to be gentle. As my son and Chihuahua both grow together, they have a bond that not many children have with small dogs. I am thankful that they work together, and even when he is a little rough with the Chihuahua, he has never been bitten by him. My dog will let him know he doesn’t want to be petted anymore by simply walking away. This is beneficial since my son does not get bit, and my dog does not get hurt.

    Small dogs are not toys, but with the proper training for the dog, and the proper teaching for the child. They both are able to live in the same household no matter how small the child or the dog is. Find out if you can have a small dog around your small children. Just be sure they are not high strung around each other because someone might end up getting hurt. You might have thought you couldn’t have one, but indeed you actually can if you would like. 

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