1.  There is a whole lot that can be said about writing fiction, but the truth is it’s about what is
    in a writer’s heart and what he or she wants to convey to the reader. For some, it comes
    naturally, but for others it may take a lot of work. Yet either way getting the story you are
    passionate about down in a clear and concise document that the reader enjoys is all that matters.
    Of course, there are also different ways of accomplishing this task.

     Some write to convey their skills of grammar, and explore the art of beautiful language. A fine
    work of literature they hope will win at Pulitzer Prize, and get their names in some university
    literary journal alongside the likes of Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, or Mark Twain. Others
    want to be the next Stephen King and write something more commercial they hope will sell and get
    them on The New York Times Bestseller List. Maybe even a hit film produced in Hollywood.

     Either way, the muse to write fiction comes in different forms and strikes each individual writer
    in different ways. It can start with a natural talent for storytelling that has been there since
    day one. A natural talent that is honed through years of hard work trying to form the career of a
    novelist or screenwriter. Or it could be someone with an academic flair for words that uses a
    grandiose vocabulary to illustrate what he believes will become an American treasure.

     Despite any difference in how their interest writing fiction comes about, everyone has the urge
    or the bug that bites them in some way or another. A bug that never quite goes away and needs to
    be nourished once in awhile, possibly for the rest of a writer’s life. One nourishes this hunger
    by writing a few hours each day. While the muse may not hit you on that certain day, one should
    still make the effort to build a certain work ethic needed for a writing career.

     Next, the writer often decides what kind of career he or she wants, whether it is to become rich
    and famous or produce a great work of literature that will be admired centuries after we are all
    gone. Both of these are admirable reasons to set out on a fiction career, but they are the only
    reasons writers seek them out. Some just have such a large dose of the aforementioned hunger they
    cannot ignore it, despite not knowing where they are headed.

     The world of fiction is full of pitfalls and promise, and is a very hard road on which people
    travel. Some writers make it, often most of them will not. Yet for now, it is a journey we shall
    all partake in together, both readers and writers alike. Whether it be The Great American Novel,
    or the latest bestseller to reach The New York Times. Success or failure, it is journey worth
    taking and one worth writing about.

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