Are Yeezy Prices Going Down?

     We all know Kanye West has been signed to Adidas for some time now and a lot of people know this by his hyped up collaboration with the brand; Yeezy’s. When they first came out, they retailed for about 200 dollars. There are also boots but we will not be discussing those. We are only discussing the 350 and 350 V2. The shoe is very limited so there was a lot of commission and issues. The resale price flew up to over 1000 dollars. As releases came and went, Kanye said he will make pairs more accessible. The issue with that is supply and demand. The more you make, the less hyped the shoe will be. This is not an issue for people who want the shoe but a lot of people enjoy buying the shoe because of its name and how limited it is. Recently, Adidas has been releasing more pairs on releases causing the resale prices to drop. Prices are now in the 300-500 region depending on color way and condition. Even though this is still expensive, the price has significantly dropped. If adidas releases more pairs than resale will be even lower. What is your opinion? Should Adidas make more pairs or limit them? 

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