Arms or hands falling asleep at night:prevention tips

Arms or hands falling asleep at night: Treatment and prevention tips

To prevent your hands and arms from falling asleep at night, you can employ one or more of the following strategies:


Change your sleeping position. Avoid sleeping in positions that put pressure on your arms or hands so that you do not restrict blood flow or compress any nerves. Change your position often to prevent any part of the body feeling numb or compressed.


Exercise. Regular exercise can improve circulation and help prevent your arms and hands from falling asleep.


Take breaks often. If your daily routine includes repetitive tasks that compress or strain your wrists, take breaks and shake them out to let your wrists rest.


Keep moving. It is a good idea to move your body every so often when sleeping to avoid placing your hand your body. Keeping arm away from the edge of the bed is also advised to avoid compressing the nerves.


Alternate hot and cold-water baths. Doing this helps to promote blood circulation. Immerse your affected arm or hand in hot or cold water then wrap your arm or hand in a hot or cold towel for relief.


Treat the underlying cause. If you happen to suffer from a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, it may be the cause for your presenting symptoms. Therefore, by managing your underlying condition, you will help relieve your hand or arm symptoms. In the cases of diabetes, proper management is control blood sugar levels.

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