Attract Buterflies With Sun-Loving Flowers

Attract Buterflies With Sun-Loving Flowers

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  1. Attracting brightly-colored butterflies to your yard adds color and movement to the landscape. Although you can certainly attract butterflies with butterfly feeders and shallow pools of water, planting flowers that attract these fanciful creatures creates an oasis of color and fragrance.

    Select sun-loving flowers for a sunny flower bed. Butterflies rely on the heat from the sun to warm their bodies before they can fly.

    Purple Coneflower
    For a striking display of color, add purple coneflower to your garden. This hardy perennial creates a burst of color from midsummer until frost. Purple blooms fold backward revealing a dark orange-brown center. As a focal point to your summer garden, purple coneflower grabs the eye and is sure to attract an assortment of butterflies. Plant in full sun and water deeply once a week to keep purple coneflower blooming all summer.

    Shasta Daisy

    Shasta daisies make a striking contrast with other more colorful flowers. These perennials return each year in larger clumps and provide the perfect resting place for butterflies. Blooming begins in midsummer and lasts until fall adding beauty to the flower bed and nectar for hungry butterflies.

    Available in wide range of colors from pastel pink to fiery red and orange, zinnias attract butterflies and add color to the garden. These long lasting blooms require little care and range in height from 8-inch dwarfs to 4-foot giants. Also great as cut flowers, zinnias are easy-to-grow annuals that can be planted as soon as the danger of frost has passed in your area. Consider Zinnias for your butterfly garden to provide nectar for butterflies and add color and contrast to the garden.

    Gloriosa Daisy
    Gloriosa daisies planted near purple coneflowers and Shasta daisies brightens the garden and creates depth. These tender perennials are often grown as annulas in northern gardens. Blooms appear in midsummer in an array of color with petals in yellow, gold and mahogany surrounding a dark center.


    Many herbs like chives, thyme and oregano bloom profusely attracting butterflies and bees. Chives bloom in early spring sporting lavender balls atop slender stalks. Adding herbs to the garden provides long-lasting blooms for butterflies while emiting fragrance as well.


    Marigolds create bold color and contrast well with taller plants. These mounding annuals come in shades of yellow and gold adding a splash of color in borders or flowerbeds. Planted from seed in early spring, once the danger of frost has passed, marigolds bloom from early to midsummer until killed by the fall frost. Adding marigolds to butterfly gardens provides bold color all season.

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