Auto Dealer Marketing

Auto Dealer Marketing

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  1. For any auto dealer to gain exposure and rise above their competition in their brand and local area some questions should first be asked.

    Are there shoppers looking for us near our location?
    In a few minutes spent online asking Google for the answer this question yields some very useful results.  For instance, at this very moment 585,000 individual online searches for the terms “auto dealer” and “car dealer” are done each month.  If we do some simple math to estimate the amount of people doing searches on a monthly basis.  U.S. population is 310,216,072 at the moment.  A city with 100,000 residents may be looking for these types of businesses 3,102 times per month!

    How much competition does your business have nearby?
    Now we can get more specific about the auto brand sold at the car dealer or auto dealer we are marketing.  In a search for Mercedes dealerships within a 30 mile radius to the author of this article, there are ten business.  This is very good, but next the dealer in question would do the same research for their own brand and location.

    So after assessing that the business type in question is being sought after by shoppers, has few competitors, there are two more questions to look at.

    Are the other competitors selling?  Meaning have the other businesses been doing well over a fair amount of time?

    And, how is their marketing presence?  Are they relying on the auto maker commercials to keep their brand in the consumer’s mind?  What more are they doing, and how well.  So let’s find out what already works, then do better than the competition.

    Main Points To Consider – A Recap
    Let’s take a look at the online activity of:

    • searches near the business location
    • amount of competition
    • if sales are already taking place
    • what others are doing that already works
    • Let’s do it better than the others!


    • Getting a better, more consistent online presence
    • Offering better, more personal service than the next business

    Also remember to check for other types of advertising that your competitors are participating in.  Most likely there are other ways to market the business that can be learned from one’s competitors.

    Places To Position The Dealership
    Get a Google Local Business Listing.  Make sure all fields in the listing are filled out.  After a sale, offer discounted maintenance work in exchange for having happy customers give your business a great review within your listing.  This will put your business on the top of the results when new potential customers shop for the type of automobile you sell and service.  One nearby city has only two Mercedes dealerships.

    When a customer searches locally, they get custom local results.  This means one of those two dealerships will most likely get the business.  How would you like to narrow down all the competition to less than a hand full of choices?  Most would like to compete in a small market where there is good demand.

    Ensure Your Success
    Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  Do what others do, but do it better.  Find out what works, use the power of leveraging services and employees to ensure that you can make your presence stronger in your local community than the others.

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