Avoid These Foods After Exercise to Burn More Fat

Avoid These Foods After Exercise to Burn More Fat

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  1. People understand the importance of combining proper diet, psychological motivation and regular physical activity in their quest to lose weight. Most are shocked to find out that certain food combinations eaten after exercise may actually sabotage any weight loss benefit by disrupting the way fat is metabolized after a training session.

    Professional athletes know the importance of eating plenty of fast burning carbohydrates before training or competing to provide an immediate supply of energy. According to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, you should eat low carb after an aerobic workout to enhance insulin sensitivity and optimize the storage and release of body fat.

    No Carbs for 2 Hours after Exercise                                

    Further information from HGH Magazine underscores the importance of avoiding sugary drinks, especially fruit juices containing fructose after exercise. Physiologists measuring the levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for the 2 hour period after exercise note that a significant decline is observed when sweetened drinks are consumed during this time.

    Increased HGH production is an important benefit of aerobic activity, as it enhances fat metabolism for hours after training. To receive the most benefit from your fitness routine, it’s important to limit calories from high glycemic and quick release carbs. Avoid these foods, and you’ll find you’re able to hit your weight loss goal much faster, as you improve the efficiency of your fat burning metabolism.

    Sweetened Drinks and Fruit Juices

    Drinking sugary drinks after a vigorous workout is one of the worst mistakes made by most people exercising to stay healthy and lose weight. One of the important effects of exercise is to dip into your fat reserves to release energy for use during and after training. This benefit is lost when a ready supply of sugar is flooded into the body from drink.

    Sugar from soft drinks and fructose from fruit juice have the same dampening effect on your metabolism. Many of the sports drinks available also contain sugar, so it’s important to read the label before consuming. Experts suggest that water is your best bet to rehydrate after exercise, and another smart choice would be unsweetened iced tea.

    Researchers have discovered that the fat burning process usually begins after the session ends. Work to preserve your natural HGH levels which are heightened after physical activity, and avoid insulin resistance. Don’t miss out on this essential exercise benefit, and reduce your risk of metabolic disorders such as diabetes at the same time.

    Pasta, Breads, Candy and Junk Foods

    After a strenuous exercise session, people instinctively want to eat. The body sends a special signal to the brain for food, and many people head for a quick snack, typically something high in sugar and carbs. While this type of eating is unhealthy for anyone concerned about their health and losing weight, it‘s especially detrimental post workout, as it will negate many of the positive benefits from your efforts.

    All refined carbs, including breads, pasta, snacks and candy instantly turn to sugar when eaten and have the same effect as sweetened drinks. Stick with protein, fat and high fiber foods such as nuts, seeds, meats and vegetables. While these may require a little more time to prepare, they’ll fill you up fast and allow you to maximize the benefits of your training.

    You can avoid the pitfalls made by so many people who rely on exercise to stay healthy and lose weight. Avoid all sweetened drinks and processed carbs which have a devastating effect on your fat burning metabolism and HGH level. Substitute water and naturally low carb foods in the 2 hour post workout period to optimize the weight loss and health benefits from your exercise sessions.

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