Backyard Entertaining With Tacos: It’s Kid and Adult Friendly

Things have changed since you were a kid. The mommy bloggers show pretty pictures of impossibly whimsical events; catered tacos make it possible.


If you’re someone without children, chances are you don’t peruse the mommy blogs. But if you work in the world of mobile taco catering, you should. Because mommies and their kids are onto something: backyard parties rock.


The place where taco caterers come in has of course to do with the food. Tacos and outdoor entertaining go together like piñatas and sticks, like gummy worms and ground-up chocolate that looks like dirt (one of the mommy blog ideas), and cake plus ice cream (an awful lot of backyard entertaining has to do with birthday parties, of course). Tacos aren’t restricted to kids, of course. It’s kinda the universal party food, versatile enough to satisfy the palates of kids and adults, vegans and carnivores, picky eaters and those blessed with hearty appetites.


But spend a little time on the family-oriented entertainment part of the Internet and you get an idea of how freaking competitive things have gotten in the realm of backyard parties. Here are a few other things the mommy bloggers recommend about children’s backyard parties:


Have your babies in the summer months. Winter kids require renting an indoor venue; summer parties expand the budget for other things (clearly mommy blog fans are really into planning).


Themes are so awesome at backyard parties. You can bring in a pony. A real, live pony. Scavenger hunts can get pretty serious. Messy stuff like slime cake and silly string are allowed. Slippery slides bring the waterpark idea home (note: bouncy houses are kinda last year).


Margarita bar for the adults. Yes you can. A taco theme demands it. Taco caterers often partner with beverage specialists that offer mobile margarita bar service. Everyone knows, gourmet tacos and gourmet margaritas go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.


Fireman, Alice in Wonderland, Butterflies, Flowe… You really have free reign on themes that brim with authenticity when you’re outdoors, in part due to easier clean up and less worry about damaged sofa fabrics. Including having real fires and real hoses or real butterflies around real flowers.


Room to run them down and acoustics to let them squeal it out. No worries about returning the kids to their parents all hopped up on sugary treats. They’ll go down for naptime or the night pretty soon after arriving home.


With so many theme-oriented details to tend to, mommies and daddies and other backyard party hosts might choose to outsource the cooking. That’s where mobile taco catering comes in handy. With self-contained kitchens, made-to-order meals, minimal requirements for cutlery – and justification for the parents’ margarita bar party annex – a south of the border food theme offers multiple pluses.


In case just thinking of this wears you out, just remember: It’s only a few years before the kids stop having parties with their parents and more mysteriously partying with their friends. There are no easy answers in parenting.

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