Barber Clippers

Barber Clippers

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  1. Through my experience with barber and hair related products I find that Wahl products are unmatched in performance and value. They give the closest most effective shave to head and facial hair. When "fading" and tapering hair their attachments make it easy to produce even levels and results. The Wahl products also are good for high volume results. Many institutions I have worked at have utilized the Wahl line of products and not been disappointed. These Wahl products , when maintained have lasted years and produced great results. I am disappointed that I have yet to find a mini clipper system Wahl product to handle nose hair, goatee "manscaping" and other smaller jobs.

    In contrast the Conair line of products have been very disappointing. They lose their charge very quickly and even when plugged in they seem to be inferior product. They dull and rust easily even when properly maintained. They don’t seem to have the RPM’s to handle masculine jobs. However my wife gives them a thumbs up for feminine tasks.

    The other major player in the barber market is Remington and unfortunately they cannot compare to Wahl as well. They are better in performance and results than Conair however. They are priced higher than Conair but still cannot stack up with Wahl. Remington does have an excellent line of battery operated beard trimmers , eyebrow thinners that will make you happy for about six months and are relatively cheap but you do get what you pay for.

    I think the best line of barber care talcs,styptic pencils and antiseptics and facial products are Pinaud Clubman. These old school products are nostalgic , simple and effective. Some may be turned off by the "grandpa-ish" aroma but their performance and skin benefits can’t be denied.

    For those who shave their heads completely to skin and haven’t been able to find the perfect razor it has finally arrived! I have used countless razors to perfect the close , irritation free razor and been futile in many attempts. That is until I discovered the Schick Hydro. It outperforms any razor by a long shot and is less expensive then the Mach, Sensor and others.While many razors claim smooth shaves , this product delivers on its promise. It produces a nick free , bump free shave and unrivaled smoothness. I am incredibly pleased by this product!!

    If you are willing to spend a little more on your shaving products then I wholeheartedly recommend the Male line of Clinique products. The preshave scrub preps nicely and the shaving gel (a dime size)will produce a wonderful lubricant that will help alleviate ugly nicks and cuts. The post shave serum will also help soothe and repair skin that may otherwise be damaged by shaving. When using all these Clinique products as a system your face will thank you, but your wallet may not!!

    Not all shaving products are expensive though.

    If you are budgeting and considering value with performance I recommend the following-

    One Wahl clipper, One Schick Hydro razor and Barbasol aloe shaving cream. After shaving use the clubman talc followed by Clubman after shave.

    Happy Shaving folks!

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