The most beautiful quotations of love

Jean de La Fontaine, Alfred De Musset and Oscar Wilde were able to express their feelings through marvelous texts. Why not inspire us to declare our flame? Excerpts from heart touching sad love .


Love is everything – love, and life in the sun. Love is the great point, what matters the mistress? What does the bottle matter, provided we have drunkenness? A. de MUSSET, The cup and the lips.

You must not ardently desire to be loved. Love is given to those who, through altruism, are more interested in others than in themselves. That is why one rarely loves a person of genius during his lifetime. Hugh WALPOLE, John Cornelius 

When one is young, one loves in madness; When one is old, who loves is crazy.  Proverb of the 17th century

Who never knew what it is that love, never knew what it is that trouble. THOMAS, Tristan and Iseult

Love is a sacrament that must be taken on its knees. Oscar WILDE, De Profundis

What resembles love is always love. Tristan BERNARD


For the more he is prayed, the less he is exorable! Ph. DESPORTES

The measure of love is to love without measure. Saint Augustine

The naked sword stops at the moment of striking … He performs miracles, love wrapped in prayer. W. GOETHE, New

Such a woman resists the love she feels, which does not resist the love she inspires. Sophie GAY

Love is the drama and accomplishment of unification. H. MILLER, The World of Sex

This beautiful fire of which this heart is burning for you, will find all possible, and impossible impossible. ROTROU, Wenceslas

Love, love, when you hold us, One may well say: “Adieu, prudence! » LA FONTAINE, The Lion in Love

It is the stuff of nature that the imagination has embroidered. VOLTAIRE, Dict. Philosophical

Ah! dear love, dear passion that carries me away, the roads are wide open where the kisses that adorn our tombs bloom. I traveled on your breath to the far away of love. Louise de VILMORIN, The Return of Erica

Love, as it exists in society, is only the exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two epidermis. CHAMFORT, Maximes and Thoughts

Whoever you are, here is your master: It is, it was, or must be. OLTAIRE, Poesies Mêlées

The miracle of men is to have obtained from a function a refined pleasure, and to have created an art of loving in its turn the generator of Love in Art.  Florent FELS, Art and Love

Love, scourge of the world, execrable madness A. de MUSSET

Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us. It is not a simple feeling, it is the truth, it is joy that is at the origin of all creation. R. TAGORE

Human love is distinguished from the stupid rut of animals only by two divine functions: the caress and the kiss.  P. LOUYS, Aphrodite.

Love is the unique opportunity to mature, to take form, to become a world for the love of the loved one. It is a high demand, an unlimited ambition, which makes the one who loves an elected person called the open sea. R.-M. RILKE, Letters to a young poet.

If you must love me, let it be for nothing. That for love’s only love … Love me for the love of love, so that beyond. Time, this eternal hard love, without alarms. Elisabeth B. BROWNING, Sonnets of the Portuguese

Love and the theater can only be spoken of with broken sticks. Lucien GUITRY

What is sad about love is that love can not last forever, but that the despair it causes is quickly forgotten. W. FAULKNER, Monkey Coin

Such are the four ages of love: He is born in the arms of disdain, he grows under the protection of desire, he converses with favors and dies poisoned by jealousy. CALDERON, The worst is not always certain

Everything is sad in love; but, sad and whatever you like, it is the best thing that exists. R. of CAMPOAMOR, Humoresques

… love that dies the sun and other stars. DANTE, The Divine Comedy; Heaven 

You who pass through the paths of love – Stop and look – if there is a heavier pain than mine: I beg you only to hear me; – and then, think of me as a dwelling and key to all trouble. DANTE, Vita Nova

If it is not love, what is it that I feel? But if it is love, for God, what can love be? If it is good, why is its effect harsh and deadly? If it is bad, why do all these torments look so sweet? PETRARK, Poems

Love is a smoke made of the vapor of sighs. SHAKESPEARE, Romeo and Juliet

In love, there are no crimes or offenses. There are flaws in taste. Paul GERALDY, The Man and the Love

One does not joke with love A. de MUSSET (Title of a comedy)

By a slip of the tongue she has changed. The “you” barren in “you” cordial, And in my soul in love with her. The dreams of happiness are born. Dream, I am there before her, Without being able to leave her eyes, Saying: “How nice you are! “Thinking,” How I love you! ” ” A.-S. POUCHKINE, Poems

So of an adventure. Cause of my good. Your heart is enduring. Fire like mine. Because when allegiance. Will come to cure me. Under your power. Want to live and die. Collection of all kinds of new songs (1555)

In love, we rather enjoy pleasant defects than by essential qualities; the great virtues are pieces of gold, of which use is made less than money. Ninon from LENCLO S

But who can stop the impetuous drunkenness. With a heart burning with love and pleasure! Antoine BERTIN, Les Amours

For the love of a woman is like the child Who, tired of his toys, the triumphant breezes, Crowd with a flying foot a motionless rose. And follows the winged insect that flees its feeble hand. from VIGNY, Dolorida

The love of a man occupies but a part of his life as a man; The love of a woman occupies her entire existence. Lord BYRON, Don Juan (Song I) 

Love is the affair of the lazy, but the laziness of the busy. BULWER-LYTTON, Rienzi

“Love is strong as death,” it means precisely that the meaning of sex exceeds the immortality of the species, which is the death of the individual; the supreme sense of love is not the birth of mortals, but the resurrection of the dead. D. MEREJKOVSKY, The mysteries of the East

Love is above all the poetry of people who could not have any other, and it is even there that the enjoyments which he lavishes are somewhat suspect to those who have exercised themselves in conquering authentic joys. Abel BONNARD, Know how to love

Love is a wicked spirit; love is a demon; there is no other evil angel but love. SHAKESPEARE, Lost Love Sentences

Love is not an honorable feeling. COLETTE, Sido

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