Beauty & Makeup Tips

Beauty & Makeup Tips

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    Proper skin care and makeup application are both imperative facets of beauty. Knowing what products to purchase and to use as well as how to apply them are all helpful tips for women trying to look their best. Achieving a flawless face has never been easier with various makeup and beauty tips.

    Proper Foundation Choice and Application

    Choosing the wrong foundation can make the skin look superficial. Ultimately, foundation is used to make the skin look both flawless and natural looking. Choose a shade that is closest to your complexion. Most women have a yellow tone to their skin, thus a yellow-based foundation should be applied. Test the foundation on your jaw line or forehead before purchasing. Apply foundation in an upward motion starting at the chin. The fingers are the best tool for proper coverage. For women with dry skin, apply a layer of glycerine with a cotton swab prior to applying foundation.

    Translucent Powder

    Translucent powder is used to set makeup, but using too much can be detrimental. Apply evenly across the face, including jawline, and on the side of the nose so no creases are shown. Face powders also come with SPF protection for additional coverage. Dab excess powder off with bath tissue. Never use a shade of a powder that is darker than your foundation.

    Choose a blush that most closely matches your lips. Any blush that is too red or too pink can look fake. Avoid the clown makeup look by choosing a more natural blush tone.

    For a dramatic eyeliner look, apply liner closest to the eye and thicker. For a more natural look, use a lighter color such as brown and apply the liner on only the top lid. To have a more effective sharpened effect on your eyeliner, place it in the refrigerator or freezer. This will minimize the breakage when you sharpen it.

    Lip Color
    Lip color generally is one of the only products for the face that a woman with any type of face shape can apply as she chooses. For a round face, apply a clear lip gloss over any shade of color you choose in order to keep with the elongated makeup look needed in order to defeat the round look.

    • Spray your comb or brush with your favorite perfume to add a subtle fragrance to your hair.
    • To increase the life of your foundation, mix it with a moisturizer.
    • Use Vaseline as a cuticle oil product.
    • Rinse hair with diluted apple vinegar to get rid of buildup.
    • A raw potato pressed against the skin can reduce marks and swelling of the face.
    • Put your nails into a half of lemon and twist, this will help whiten them.
    • After painting the nails, dip them in very cold water to make them dry faster.
    • Use baby oil to tame frizzy hair.

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