Becoming wealthy from an EEOC complaint

Becoming wealthy from an EEOC complaint

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    EEOC Facts

    Most employees do not realize they have a claim until they learn of the EEOC process and how it is beneficial in putting money in their pocket. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a turn to organization when experiencing some form of discrimination when employed by a registered organization. The EEOC takes an active role in performing internal investigations against a present and even former employer. The purpose of the EEOC is simple, allow the person filing the complaint known as the complainant present evidence in support of a claim against an employer. While not everybody finds justice with the EEOC system, those who represent themselves well often find a feeling of justice and have the chance to make a little money in the process.

    EEOC system

    The EEOC system of handling complaints has been substantially streamlined in the past decade. An increase of employee complaints is the root cause of this streamline process. With a surge in the amount of complaints, the EEOC had no choice but to change the methods used in processing claims. Now, the EEOC uses internet technology to conduct the preliminary hearing process. By doing so, they cut back on expenses associated with the traditional way of handling the claims process. Further, the EEOC opened several doors for those who are technology savvy to handle their very own case by using email! The actual hearing itself is still conducted in person however the EEOC has limited the amount of time given to each complainant in response to additional budget constraints.  By capitalizing on your ability to use internet technology, learning the legal lingo needed to represent yourself, and becoming an expert in federal tort law, you stand to win your case before the federal government.

    Making money

    While we all seek justice for damages done to us during our employment, it is important to remember that justice is not always found for the complainant. The decision alone to represent yourself may increase the chances of making more money if the claim is found to be in your favor. The standard payout to discrimination claims is anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 which is supported by recent responses to claims made by EEOC judges. By becoming an expert in quoting actual federal laws, introducing your constitutional rights, and tort law while in court, you may find that the judge rules in your favor!

    Tort Claims

    Tort claims are much easier to establish once you have won your EEOC case and prove that actual discrimination has occurred against you supporting your claim for additional damages of personal injury. For example, a back injury resulting in disability supported by medical documentation for any licensed doctor in connection with a work related event is half the battle! The same documentation used in combination with your recent win in an EEOC case nearly guarantees a won TORT claim against your employer. The process of winning your claim is not as difficult as proving what has occurred against you during your period of employment. 

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