1. Samsung FocusThe problem with 21st-century technology is that sometimes you might experience feature overload. With so many features and settings to skim through, you might miss out on some of the cooler aspects that make a particular piece of technology stand out.

    When it comes to mobile devices, Windows Phones can have a lot of hidden gem features that are the best ones for you to be aware of to fully utilize the awesome features of your phone.

    • Easy Cursor Movement: It’s much easier to move your cursor to the right part of a word you would like to edit. Simply hold your finger still while the keyboard is active and the cursor will appear. You can then drag it to the location you would like to begin editing.
    • Avoid Roaming Charges: Just visit Settings > Mobile Network OR Settings > Cellular, and you can turn off your roaming option (the settings will depend on your mobile carrier).
    • Speed Dial Buttons: Instead of needed to dial a special key pattern to make a speed dial, you can add contacts to your home screen as a quick-launch speed dial button. To pin it to the screen, simply load your contacts and hold your finger still over the chosen contact, then tap “Pin to Start.” A shortcut to your contact will be added, which will make it faster for you to quickly call, text, or check their Facebook status.
    • Multitask and Multiple Incoming Calls: Unlike other mobile devices, you can multitask on your Windows Phone even when you’re in the middle of a call. You can browse the internet, send texts, look up other contacts, load other applications, and even take a second incoming call by placing the current one on hold. You can alternatively join calls for a party call.
    • Quickly Navigate Contacts: To jump to a specific contact alphabetically, simply tap any of the alphabet headers under your People screen. A selection of alphabet tiles will appear where you can jump to the letter that corresponds to your chosen contact — otherwise you might be scrolling for quite some time. You can also perform a search for the name, but the alphabet selection allows for faster browsing.

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