Best Flat Iron

Best Flat Iron

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  1. Finding The Best Flat Iron

    A flat iron, also known as a straightening iron, is a tool used to straighten your hair.  Flat irons use heat to smooth and straighten your hair.  With so many different sizes and styles it can be hard to choose the best straightening iron to fit your budget.  

    Where to buy?

    Flat irons are sold everywhere from your local big box store, to high end salons.  When deciding where to purchase your new straightener you first need to decided how much you’re willing to spend.  If you’re looking for something inexpensive and lower quality try a retail store such as Target or Wal-Mart.  If you want a quality iron try stores such as Ulta or Sephora, or the local salon where you get your hair done.  Even high end stores will have a broad price range, so it’s important to know what other factors to consider.

    Size And Material

    Flat iron range in size from mini "travel" irons to full size 1"-2" irons.  Obviously a mini iron would be ideal for travel, whereas a larger iron is for everyday use.  Most full size irons are 1" which is the best flat iron size for most hair types.

    Most flat irons are ceramic and/or metal.  Ceramic is a higher quality material and does less damage to your hair.  Look for an iron with a hard ceramic coating.  Irons with no or light ceramic plating will damage your hair and not provide even heating.  

    Brands And Price

    If you’re looking for a high end quality straightener GHD (Good Hair Day) or Chi is the way to go. These pricier brands heat up quickly and will not damage hair.  They also come with lifetime warranties so if the straightener ever breaks or malfunctions they will replace it for free.  The only downside is the price ($100-$300)

    Less expensive options include such recognizable brands as Conair, Remington, and Revlon.  These brands can be purchased at most retail and even drugs stores and range in price from $10-$40.


    Most brands offer a colorful array of tools to choose from.  While an iron with a pretty design may be nice to look at, make sure it will also do the job!  Don’t be tricked into buying a low quality flat iron just because you like the color or design.  

    Hair Damage

    Any time you introduce heat you run the risk of damaging your hair.  You can reduce the risk by not only using a quality straightener, but using other products as well.  Use the iron only on dry hair. Spritz your hair with a heat protectant, or conditioning spray before using the iron.  This helps to reduce damage to your hair, and also to your straightener.

    The Best Straightening Iron For You

    Once you know your budget, try to find the iron with the best features for the price.  Ceramic plates and even heating are a must.  You want your flat iron to work to straighten your hair, but also not do damage.  Investing in a quality flat iron, while a large initial expense, is better in a long run.  Spending a little extra will insure that you are doing minimal damage to your hair, while getting the results your desire.  You’ll also be thankful you bought a flat iron with a warranty in the event of a malfunction.  

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