Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Best Foundation for Oily Skin

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  1. If you have oily skin, you know how hard it is to hide your greasy looking skin and keep acne from manifesting all over your cheeks. Dry face cleansers don’t always work because they take away the good oils – called sebum – that your skin needs for nourishment. Aside from the oil constantly clogging your pores, you may think most foundation make-up only adds to the problem. However, there are foundations that can help keep your face healthy, while doing their job to cover up marks and blemishes.

    Liquid Foundations

    Most liquid foundations are heavy and seem cover your face and hide your oily skin well. However, liquid foundations don’t allow your pores to breathe and Acne thrives on this kind of environment. If you are using liquid foundation and find clogged pores to be a problem, switch to a lighter weight foundation, such as a powder foundation.

                    Liquid Foundations Made for Oily Skin

    1.Sephora – Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation SPF 20                                  

     This foundation, although liquid, is made to feel light and look invisible. Made without Sulfates, Phthalates, GMOs or Triclosan for the healthiest formula. You can buy sephora online, and in Sephora shops if your mall carried a Sephora store.

     2. L’Oreal –Visible Lift for Oily Skin SPF 17

    This foundation is made oil-free. A lift-line minimizing and tone enhancing make up that works                  for normal and oily skin. This is a great foundation for women over 30 with "tone patches", different colores skin in certain areas.

     3. Cover Girl – Clean Make-up Oil Control

    Cover girl claims to give you the coverage and shine control, without over-drying your face. However, be aware that Cover Girl uses oil in their very thick formulas, while claiming to have an oil-absorbing effect on your skin.


    Powder Foundations

    Powder foundations are light weight, and unlike liquid foundations, allow pores to breathe, thus keeping them from becoming clogged. This is a perfect type of foundation for oily skin because the powder is dry, and won’t stick to and cover your face, rather cling and blend.

                    Powder Foundations Ideal for Oily Skin

    1. Bare Minerals

    Mineral foundation is a newer concept in the make-up world, and you may have never heard of it. Bare Minerals is made simply out of natural minterals of the earth, is a great foundation for sensitive or allergic skin. As a mineral based make-up, it is light weight and comes in every shade.

    2. Avon – Ideal Shade Loose Powder

    The name of this foundation says it all. Ideal shade comes in almost every shade, and with a loose powder, it is perfect for keeping pores open to breathe. Avon has other brands of powder make up as well, so contact your local representative to find your best match.

    3.Mark. – Speedway Do-Everything Make-up

    Hide under-eye circles, cover skin imperfections and even out skin tone with this oil-free, multitasking mini stick that can be used as a concealer or foundation. Special formula goes on like a lightweight cream and dries to a powder finish.

    There are oil-free liquid and powder foundations that can work well with certain skin types. If you are having trouble deciding which brand or type of formula works best with your skin, see a dermatologist for the information you need on covering up your blemishes without damaging your pores.

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