Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations

  1. honeymoonThe problem with deciding on the best honeymoon destination is that a lot of people assume best means most exclusive or most expensive. For argument’s sake, the interpretation of “best” for this review of the best honeymoon destinations means that it’s a place that will not only give you an amazing romantic experience, but also involve as little interaction with children as possible; screaming children and overly populated places are not the best way to start a “just the two of us” feeling for a great honeymoon.

    Seasonally, some of the best places might not be as great to go, especially since it can get more expensive when it’s in-season time for that location, but off-season travel can mean less crowding and lower prices. Alternatively if you like a lot of people, just go to a very densely populated region like India or China and you’ll have lots of fun running into new people on your honeymoon.


    Yes, Bermuda is very populated during the spring and summer time, but if you have a fall wedding, you’re in for a treat. It’s still just warm enough to enjoy the crystal clear water and just isolated enough that you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful getaway with just the two of you. Sandys is a really good place in Bermuda or Warwick, if you can get accommodation. Both have excellent beach areas and rocky shores that will give you nice photo opportunities, without the screaming children of the major areas.

    Shikoku, Japan

    The southern region of Japan is a great place to visit. Shikoku’s Miyazaki Prefectures near the southern-most tip will give you beach-side beauty in Saito City, with the exciting Flower Festival from 31 March to 8 April or the Kofun Matsuri (festival) from 27 August – 29 August.

    Sequoia National Park

    There’s nothing that says romance like the beauty of nature and seeing each other at your natural worst. Being in nature and spending time together enjoying the beauty of Sequoia gives you and your new life partner a chance to embrace the feeling of instinct with passion. Never underestimate the enticing allure of being surrounded by trees.

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