Best Tattoo Cover up Makeup

Best Tattoo Cover up Makeup

  1. Tattoos are an expression of one’s feelings and attitude.  Perhaps they immortalize our mother, or someone we’ve fallen crazy in-love with.  The problem with all of the reasons listed is that feelings and attitudes change, and our feelings about loved ones are also subject to sudden reversals.  For this reason there are times we find it necessary for tattoo cover up.

    Reasons to Cover Up a Tattoo

    The foremost reason to cover up a tattoo seems to be when we have placed the name of someone we were in love with in ink into our flesh.  When the relationship goes sour we generally wish the tattoo weren’t there reminding us of what was obviously a mistake.  In many cases complete removal suddenly looks like a good idea.

    Other reasons include that we are attending a social gathering where tattoos don’t fit the occasion.  Perhaps you have a fantastic design you just love, which also went out of style in the 90’s.  Some simply don’t find the "tramp stamp" as sexy as they used to.  In most of these cases cover up or make up begins to look like a good idea.

    Removal or Cover Up 

    Depending upon how much the tattoo bothers you, you will come to the crossroads of whether to cover up the tattoo or have it removed.  In either case there are issues to consider. 

    The removal process is permanent and can having lasting effects – but that won’t be the inked image you want removed.  There are several methods which include surgery, skin peeling and laser treatments.  In any event this choice is going to be much more expensive than covering it up with makeup.  There is also the chance that the treated area of removal may not look exactly the same any longer, nor feel exactly the same either.

    Removal Creams

    Because surgery can be painful and expensive, it’s not surprising that someone has come up with a cream that will fade out the ink in a tattoo, alleviating the need to spend a lot of money on a potentially dangerous operation.  The jury is out on how effective these products are.  Some feel that they work, others claim that they do nothing, or partially fade the tattoo only.  There is also concern about speaking to the company later once the product has failed to do its job.  In either case, it requires months to fade out a tattoo with these products and you run the risk that chemicals that can actually do this will scar or damage your skin.

    Covering Up

    Covering up a tattoo is generally easier and cheaper and safer than any of the other methods. 

    There is a permanent tattoo cover up solution which includes imprinting a new tattoo over the one you no longer like.  This also becomes a permanent tattoo with the risk of being out-dated or embarrassing later on.

    The easiest is to use some cosmetic product, of which there are many.  Many movie stars who have tattoos they want to keep choose this option.

    Cosmetic Cover Up Option

    There are many options available when it comes to covering up a tattoo with cosmetic make ups.  One involves no particular product in particular, but a series of applications: 

    1. Apply a red base to the tattoo in thin layers, allowing it to dry; apply 2 to 3 coats; then

    2. Cover the dried red base with a cool tone concealer; cover the entire red area; let dry; then

    3. Use a warm tone over the cool concealer to match the color of your own skin;

    4. Let this dry; and be sure that the edges of the tattoo blend naturally with your skin; finally

    5. Pat translucent powder over the dried area to remove any shine and help match to your skin color.

    Products Designed for Tattoo Cover Up

    1. Dermablend is made specifically for covering tattoo.  One simple application will cover small or large tattoos. A setting powder is usually used once dry.

    2. ColorTration is applied the same way as Dermablend; it is liquid and doesn’t require a setting powder.

    3. TattooCamo is a paste designed specifically for tattoo cover up. It also requires a setting powder.  This takes a little longer to dry, but is waterproof once applied correctly.

    All these products can be safely removed with rubbing alcohol.  They all help to perfectly conceal tattoos and usually can be found in colors which will match your skin.

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