Best Way to Store Hookah Tobacco and Make Them Last Longer

Often hookah enthusiasts, especially the new ones, face the problem of storing their unused shisha to stay fresh and tasty longer. You may have given it a serious thought, but you can indeed preserve the rich flavors of your shisha for a very long time with proper storage. Thus, it will smoke well and taste fresh. In contrast, if you fail to store it right, it will ruin the shisha, and all your hard-earned money spent purchasing your hookah tobacco will be a total waste. So, consider it a serious task and make a point to hoard your shisha well. 

Don’t fret; we have your back in this blog. We are sharing some great tricks and tips so you can keep your tobacco in the best condition, whether you smoke it now or a couple of months later.

What Is the Typical Shelf Life of Your Tobacco?

Before we get deep into the storing tips, it is essential to understand how long your tobacco should generally last. If you have not opened a shisha container, an unopened, adequately sealed shisha has typical expediency of two years. An opened tobacco pack can last for six months to a year, depending on your applicable storage practices. If not stowed carefully, it can go insipid, or stale and the juice will dry out badly. Thus, the flavors will go weak and pale. The tobacco will burn quickly, and the session will last for only a shorter time duration.

Now that you know how long your shisha should be ideally lasting, the question is how we can make it actually happen. Here are a few ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ that you should adhere to.


Here are the things that you should follow.

  1. Keep your tobacco in an air-tight sealed container. It may be a zipped pouch or in a glass or plastic container. If it is not thoroughly air-tight, the shisha will dry quickly, and it will become useless.
  2. Pick a place, whether it is a cabinet, closet, or a drawer, to keep your shisha. Make sure your chosen location for your tobacco is arid, dark, and cool. That is an ideal place to keep your hookah tobaccos when not in use.


Following are the things that you should never let happen.

  1. Never keep your shisha in areas with high temperatures like outdoors, under the sun, inside the car, or in a hot garage. Heat and sunlight together may condensate the shisha inside the container and form molds.
  2. Though you should keep shisha in a cool dark place, that doesn’t mean you can keep it in the freezer or refrigerator. In short, you should not keep your hookah tobacco in a hot and freezing environment. It will dry off the hookah tobacco; moreover, if stored in the cold, the shisha cold-shocked and won’t smoke appropriately due to a temperature change when you start smoking.

That will conclude the best storage techniques for your favorite hookah tobaccos. After all, it is your prized possession. So, stockpile your favorite shishas now!

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