1. Tonight was the premiere of Big Brother 12—did you watch?  As usual, the contestants entered the house in small groups.  Everyone found a bed except for Hayden.  Nothing more was mentioned about this—maybe on Sunday? 

    The group sat around the living room and made their introductions.  Deciding to lie right from the start was Dr. Andrew who told the group that he was a shoe salesman instead of a podiatrist.  Also not quite telling the truth was Ragen, a professor.  He told everyone that he’s a graduate student.  Matt, the web designer didn’t lie, but he also didn’t mention that his IQ puts him in the top two percent of the world.  Wow, that is impressive! 

    My first impressions were that BB12 producers went for “hot” when picking the females for this season’s show.  Don’t get me wrong…there are some hot guys on the show too, but the gals all seem poster quality to me.  A surprise early on was Annie speaking during one of her interviews stating that she is bisexual.  Now, that’s a first on Big Brother.  Already annoying me was Rachel’s giggle.  She’s really playing up the dumb girl, but don’t forget that her major in college is chemistry. 

    Next, Julie comes on screen to explain the whole “saboteur” twist.  The camera showed each contestant and looking uncomfortable to me was Brendon and Kristen.  The rest of the contestants seemed genuinely shocked.  After the announcement, all the houseguests were looking at each other pretty suspiciously.  Lane was very quiet.  Brendon was making fun of the saboteur altered voice.  So who do you think it is?  It won’t be long until we know, since BB will tell us on Thursday. 

    At the start of the HOH competition, Julie tells the houseguests that there will be two teams of six and that one player will sit out the competition.  Dr. Andrew’s hand shoots up to volunteer.  So why did he do that?  All the houseguests were suspicious, but don’t you think volunteering would be too obvious for a saboteur?  During the HOH competition, Brittney falls and hurts her knee, or did she?  Was that a saboteur plot?  When all was said and done, the first HOH of the season was Hayden.  Since he volunteered not to compete, Dr. Andrew will be protected from eviction this week.  He better hope that the HG’s have short memories because he’s really calling attention to himself early on. 

    The first saboteur act involved all the lights going off in the BB house.  After the lights came back on, there was a lock on the storage room door.  This means the HG’s can’t get any food.  The kitchen is stocked with Big Brother’s famous slop.  Big Brother shows us that moving around during the blackout is Dr. Andrew and Brendon.  Brendon says he went to brush his teeth and Dr. Andrew says he took advantage of the dark to do a prank or two.  He threw a pillow and made some knocking sounds.  Just because we saw two of the contestants move doesn’t mean that they were the only two that moved.

    You can see the suspicion in everyone’s eyes once those lights turned back on.  If BB is able to keep this saboteur in the game and under wraps from detection, this is going to be an interesting season.  Knowing that there is someone you absolutely can’t trust will affect each houseguest.  I wonder how long it will be before the other contestants figure out who is the saboteur. 

    Next Big Brother show is Sunday at 8:00 p.m.  The first live eviction will be held on Thursday.

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