1. The first day of summer was June 21st this year.  Most people are thinking about trips to the beach, lounging around the pool, barbecues and vacations.  Not me.  I’m thinking about the start of Season 12 of Big Brother.  It’s right around the corner on Thursday, July 8th and I can’t wait.

    I have been in front of my TV for every season and episode of the reality TV show Big Brother.  When the show first premiered, my son was seven years old and would sit and watch with me.  This year, he graduated from high school.  He’s too busy to watch anymore, but now my husband has taken his place. 

    As usual, CBS has released a teaser commercial that doesn’t say a darned thing about what will happen this season.  The website has 13 contestant spots with question marks.  Does this mean that there will be 13 contestants?  Hard to tell and no one’s talking. 

    One person who is talking is former contestant and BB winner Evil Dick.  In his website blog, he states that CBS was still casting for this season’s show as late as last week.  ED doesn’t like that the BB producers look for certain types of contestants, rather than choosing from those that apply.  I have to agree.  When the producers decide they want a particular type of contestant, they are scripting the show and that isn’t how it should be.  It might not be how it should be, but unfortunately that’s the way it is.  Could it be why the show is always so interesting?

    Through this column, I’ll be revealing all the information I can glean on Big Brother 12.  There will be recaps, but more importantly, there will be spoilers.  Each spoiler will be clearly marked so that those of you who are purists can stop reading. 

    Some of the best moments on Big Brother are never seen on national TV.  That’s why it’s a must to subscribe to the Big Brother 24 hour live feed.  Subscribing doesn’t mean you have to watch every minute.  The feed enables you to go back and check out what you missed.  This guarantees that you will get to see the most talked about moments.  If you don’t have the time or the money, don’t worry, I’ll keep you up-to-date right here. 

    Consider this your final warning.  Spend the next two weeks cleaning up your “To Do” list because once Big Brother starts your mind will be elsewhere.  Let the summer delight that is Big Brother begin!

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