1. After last night’s premier, the Big Brother feeds went live.  Last night was also the first night of Showtime after Dark.  Here’s what I’ve heard and seen.  STOP…if you don’t want to hear spoilers. One more chance…STOP, if you don’t want to read spoilers!

    Lane, Ragan, Enzo, Britney and Matt were talking game in the kitchen.  The house thinks that Dr. Andrew is the saboteur.  HOH Hayden nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction.  The plan is to evict Brendon this week and go after Dr. Andrew next week. 

    POV competitors have already been picked.  As usual, the HOH and the two nominated houseguests will compete.  Also competing are Enzo and Monet.  It doesn’t look like either Enzo or Monet will change the nominations if they win. 

    Annie is very upset about something that Andrew did.  Evidently, he went underneath a blanket that Annie had draped over her.  All the HG’s think that Andrew is one strange dude.  I’m not sure if this is some kind of strategy or whether he’s just plain stupid to continuously call attention to himself. 

    Kathy, the deputy sheriff has so many bruises on her arm that I first thought they were tattoos.  She seems to have made an alliance with Monet.  They think that Annie is a big fake and they are nice to her face while trashing her behind her back.  In my opinion, the two of them sitting all alone while everyone else is hanging out is always a very bad strategy.  It alienates you from the group and that can’t be good.

    Here are some random observances.  Enzo, the Jersey boy likes to look at himself in the mirrors.  Lane revealed that he’s played in the Cotton Bowl.  Kathy smokes.  Enzo asked Andrew directly if he is the saboteur and he said no.  What was he going to say, yes?  I really don’t want to see Brendon leave so early in the show.  However, I can say goodbye to Rachel.  Matt appeared on the reality TV show “Average Joe” a few seasons back.  Rachel and Brendon have a “thing” going on.

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