1. There are variety of different methods of bikini waxing to include Brazilian, French and American.  If you are interested in treating yourself to a bikini wax but are unsure as to which bikini wax is right for you, this article will provide you with some information to use when considering which type to get.

    1. Brazilian Wax:  The most common bikini wax is the Brazilian wax.  This style of waxing removes the hair in the bikini region, only leaving a thin strip of hair around the pubis, which is another name for the area around the hip bone.  Most individuals, who like to show off their stylish figures by wearing thongs, prefer this method of bikini waxing because it leaves a nice, clean, smooth look.  You can also get a Brazilian waxing that removes hair from the entire pubic area.  It depends on which type is most appealing to you.  As with all waxing, lots of people have experienced some discomfort during and after the procedure.  Because the Brazilian waxing leaves the skin smooth and hairless, it can leave room for some discomfort when wearing tight clothing, clothing with rough material and clothing made of wool.  This is because the skin may become slightly irritated from the procedure, leaving skin tender and vulnerable to irritation.  You need to ensure that the facility in which you obtain your Brazilian waxing is reputable and have been doing the procedure for some time. You should also until around 6 weeks prior to going back for another bikini waxing.  This allows time for the skin to refresh itself and cuts back the possibility of infection, which can occur with any type of waxing if the area is not well maintained, washed and treated. 
    2. French Wax:  The French waxing is a form of waxing where hair within the pubic region, with the exception of a vertical strip in the front of the area is removed.  This type of waxing is commonly used amongst models that showcase garments that are extremely narrow around the crotch area.  Again, as with any waxing, slight irritation may be experienced. 
    3. American Wax:  The American waxing is basically your standard waxing procedure.  This type of waxing only removes hair that is within the bikini line area only and generally, no other area of the pubic region.  This is the simplest removal procedure if you just want to wear a nice bikini bathing suit and do not want unsightly hair to present itself.  This type of bikini wax may also involve a slight hair removal of the hair in the upper thigh region and possibly hair right above the bikini waistband.  If you wear a high-cut bikini you may be okay but, if there is even the slightest dip in the bikini waistband area, including a small area of the pelvis, you way want to remove hair around there too.  This will add to the glamorous, fresh cut and clean look of your American waxing. 
    4. Bermuda Triangle Wax:  Bermuda Triangle waxing is pretty much described in its name.  It is a waxing that leaves a triangle of hair around the pubic region.  It is most similar to the American waxing and the price is pretty much the same.   
    5. Other Types of Waxing:  There are a few othe types of bikini waxing methods to include the heart, which is hair removal in the pubic region, make in the shape of heart.  The fact is that people create the names of various bikini waxing based on the shape and precision of the actual shape or design.  The Brazilian, French, American and Triangle are the most popular, standard methods of bikini waxing.  For additional bikini waxing methods, you can go online and see the various types.  Remember, they will continue to come up with more and more as designs are made so, to keep up to date, keep looking on line. 
    6. Pricing:  The price for the various methods of bikini waxing varies from location to location.  The average price for a Brazilian was is in the price range of $35.00 to $100.00 for a standard Brazilian wax.  The price for a French wax can range anywhere from $30.00 to $85.00, again this depends on the location at which you receive services.  For the American and Bermuda Triangle waxing, you are looking in the price range of $25.00 to $60.00.  Keep in mind the less hair removal, the lower the price but again, facilities make their own prices so the exact price is very hard to determine.   

    NOTE:  No matter which waxing technique you select, please remember that irritation is a possibility.  The important thing, especially just after receiving your waxing, is to keep the area clean and avoid clothing that may irritate the area.  Waxing and shaving can have the same results if proper care is not given to the waxed area.  You may experience bumps, swelling, and redness.  Ask the facility that provides your waxing what special care, if any should be given to the area or areas waxed.  They should be able to tell you what symptoms to be aware of and any skin care and or treatment plans available if irritation occurs.   Happy waxing!

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