blade and soul gold April Fools Day on sale:Silverfrost Mountains Patch was better

blade and soul gold April Fools Day on sale:Silverfrost Mountains Patch was better

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  1. 1. The new purple dungeons are horrible. They are so short. It takes as much time to find a decent party than it takes to actually do the run.

    2. The new blue dungeons are worthless. Half of them can be solod (as an FM) in level 45 gear without breaking a sweat. Loot from them is essentially worthless and they’re even shorter than the purple dungeons. It’s like they looked at the Pigsty and went “oh, let’s remove the first boss and just make it a straight corridor to the boss. Dungeon done. NEXT.”

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    3. So many dailies are party quests that you can’t do much about alone. This is completely different from what it was at 45 and is a major gripe, because party quests aren’t fun when they’re in such abundance. There’s only so much potatoing I can put up with in a day and soulstone plains takes the majority of that already.

    4. Grand Harvest Square event is RIDICULOUS. This is putting it lightly. It is beyond a horrible implementation. It might be one of the worst ways to implement such an important event (in terms of daily XP gain) that I have seen in many years. It is channels 1-5 AND only at 3 specific times that aren’t even spread out over the day but are concentrated at some specific time? Way to screw over everyone else.

    Not only do the channels get full incredibly quickly for that event you also need to get kill credit for bosses that can spawn simultaneously and be killed simultaneously. And if you miss hitting one of them then you can’t finish that quest and need to go for another event.

    Monsters require you to fight over tagging, but not actually killing. This is also ridiculous.

    End boss requires you to not crash and still do your thing while you’re running at 10 FPS because everybody is there doing the same thing. This is on an i7-4790k, 24GB RAM, gtx 780 with everything on the lowest setting, ctrl+f and nameplates turned off.

    5. Soulstone plains are a horrible way of doing faction stuff. It is focused on PvE but supposed to be a PvP battleground. Why? You can’t make people engage in PvP without offering some incentive to actually doing that PvP. The whole focus of the area is on PvE and griefing those who are trying to PvE. With the hilariously broken machine gun and bomb mechanics and the way prestige is handled it’s an absolute clustertruck.

    The only thing in the zone that encourages PvP is the daily quest where the opposing side has to win and you have to try to take back the mines. The rewards are incredibly underwhelming for what you have to accomplish and on top of all that the quest completion is bugged – the 3rd monster’s drop credit isn’t given to a lot of people even though they participated.
    So yeah, I’m rather disappointed. And I know that most of this has little to do with what NCSoft (west) can even control – most of it is the game’s own design. And this means that it will stay this way.

    PS the music in this game is absolutely amazing in my opinion. If anybody knows what the music is called that plays in the 24-man ice area when you fight bosses I’d love to hear it.

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