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Boxing is a combat sport that requires use of multiple defense and attack techniques which can only be developed through years of practice and proper guidance from a professional. In olden times boxing wasn’t considered as a profession by youngsters but in recent times the fans of boxing have drastically increased with the emergence of boxing clubs becoming the need of the day. Eastern Queens boxing club is one such organization that helps achieve their dreams of becoming a professional boxer or try their hands on boxing as a part of their stress releasing routine.

Eastern Queens boxing club has training clubs in Elmont, Meacham, Belmont just six blocks away from the home of the New York islanders, it is a member only boxing gym that includes individuals from all age groups. The gym provides special training programs for kids boxing and women boxing. Boxing in Elmont offers an annual package of boxing training for $84/ month which gives you 24/7 access to the gym.

Meacham boxing and Belmont boxing training includes similar packages along with half-off memberships for active open level boxers and seniors who are above 65 years of age.

Kids boxing and development has become the need of the day with the increase in crime rate and child abuse, kids need to be trained to defend themselves and probably strike an attack under threatening circumstances this requires a proper training and strength building to keep oneself safe from threats.

Train like a Professional with the professionals and you will be one! The Eastern Queens boxing club offers you lots of benefits that makes it different from other training institution, this includes:

·         Advisory meetings and Yearly team get together to promote the team and organize charity functions for St. Jude’s children hospital.

·         Free coaching in out of state competitions and national championships as well.

·         The club offers novice to high intensity workouts, 12 round individualized sessions from 2pm to 6pm.

·         Noncontact functional training with tremendous increase in energy at your own space.

·         Special discounts on senior citizens, women and kids boxing.

·          24/7 gym access and unlimited coaching sessions within house physiotherapist sessions.

·         No registration fees or contract agreements are required.

You can hit the gym whenever you want and do your desired workout but why is it necessary to get training as a boxer? What role does boxing play in an individual’s life?

·          It helps in building the overall body strength.

·         It teaches various self defense techniques which is the need of the day.

·         Reduces stress levels caused due to the hectic routine.

·         Keeps oneself physically active and alert.

·         Helps in becoming a professional boxer.

Boxing was never fun earlier but with Eastern Queens boxing club it has become. The club has given people a new approach for boxing training. Women, children, and senior citizens are always the easiest victims to various crimes but by training them with various self defense techniques a stronger society can be developed and eventually the crime rates may go down and becoming a professional boxer for youngsters is not a distant dream anymore!

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