Brett Favres Fountain of Youth May Be Finally Running Dry

Brett Favres Fountain of Youth May Be Finally Running Dry

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  1. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Brett Favre by any stretch of the imagination because of the way he has dealt with the last few offseasons. However, you can never discount Favre’s game. He may have been undecided every year about playing the game, but it never showed on the field, even miraculously having the best year of his career last season (and at the age of 40).

    Something has changed this season, however; whether it is the fact that the Vikings receivers are banged up or that Favre is finally showing his age, he just doesn’t look to be enjoying the game anymore. The saying that comes to mind is, "Gone to the well one too many times."

    I personally believe that last season should have been Favre’s last. Deep down I think he knew that and felt that, but the mixture of having a spectacular season and having an awful ending, made it tough for Favre to walk away.

    You can say that training camp doesn’t matter too much for somebody like Favre, but to think it will have no effect is just naive. I have heard experts on ESPN state that the reason Favre is off to a bad start is not because he’s missed training camp, but that his receivers are now different and he has to adjust.

    Well, now isn’t that something that most of the NFL quarterbacks usually do in camp? Favre’s distaste for practice has finally caught up to him, and he is playing like a preseason quarterback right now, which is not what the Vikings paid $16 million for.

    The ego of Favre is largely the reason for the Vikings poor start. He believed he could make his entrance as late as possible, assuming he was good enough to fit right in again. I can’t say that I blame him. It worked last year right?

    I don’t think I need to repeat the old saying again. You get the point. Decisions such as going on "The Late Show" during the offseason and having countless interviews to discuss how you are still undecided can get tiresome to your teammates after two years.

    There were, and still are, too many things happening around the Vikings to pull this off and still have a great team. You need to have an identity, and the Vikings are still searching for theirs.

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