buy darkscape gold to enjoy PvP everywhere and Hardcore Features

buy darkscape gold to enjoy PvP everywhere and Hardcore Features

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  1. DarkScape is a newly-released sandbox MMORPG based on the 14-year-old game buy darkscape gold RuneScape (which currently has almost 250 million registered accounts), bringing about a hardcore gaming experience, including PvP everywhere and full looting on death. All content within the game is available completely free for all players, with those that have a membership getting three bonuses: double the bank space, +50% experience, and +1 item kept upon death. Past this, whether you’re a member or not, the game is the same for everyone and everyone is able to make their mark. Note that you use a normal RuneScape account to log in, so if you already have one, you won’t need to create a new one, though nothing from RuneScape will be carried over, as the two games are treated separately.

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    Full-Loot Gaming… With No Rules

    Bringing the game to a more hardcore level than most, DarkScape is a “full-loot” MMORPG, meaning that when you die, everything on you (minus any bonuses you might have that allow one or more items to stay) are dropped to the ground, whether you were taking part in PvE or PvP. To make things a bit more difficult, PvP is available pretty much everywhere, making it a dangerous world. This means players essentially end up being able to police themselves, and brings about a real need to work with others to stay safe and progress. It also means the game is a real challenge for those that want to run solo, as pretty much everyone else is your enemy. And as part of this, it’s important to make friends, but also keep your eye out for them – players can absolutely turn on each other, and they will! Never let your guard down when out adventuring, whether alone or with others.

    Hardcore Features

    If the full looting on death and PvP everywhere weren’t enough for you, there are some other features that help bring about more of a challenge within DarkScape, including things like:

    • The inability to teleport anywhere while holding items, leading to dangerous travel from one area to another, as it all has to be done on foot

    • Everyone starts at level 1, and stats on gear start getting diminishing returns after level 75

    • There are three different regions, each denoting their own risk level (low, medium, and high), which each come with their own Grand Exchange and Bank, which has limited space. Along with this, the risk level also affects how lucrative the area is, as well as the content itself (with the best being in the high-risk area)

    A Separate Progression

    As of DarkScape’s launch, it contains the vast majority of what was in RuneScape as of the end of May 2015, other than dungeoneering, clan citadels, and the lending system. Content is branched separately from that of RuneScape, and will not contain the same updates cross-game. Instead, it will be coming with its very own branch of updates, which are said to be based on player feedback and progression within the game. This separation brings about a unique feel, ensuring players can take part in both servers and get fresh updates on each. Along with this, it also helps keep the server along the lines of what players are doing within the game, working to help alter and add things as needed to help keep the play fun and immersive (and challenging!).


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