buy neverwinter astral diamonds adds Stronghold Siege

buy neverwinter astral diamonds adds Stronghold Siege

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    Large-scale 20 vs 20 PvP battles launched in the PC version. Then buy neverwinter astral diamonds PvP fans and players of the MMORPG Neverwinter have long waited for, but now the time has come: With Stronghold Siege PvP guild battles were opened around fortresses.

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    Previously, it was already with the module “Strongholds” possible to create your own fortresses in MMORPG Neverwinter. This had to be strengthened and defended against NPC enemies like orcs. Now the update Stronghold Siege was released. This introduces a PvP battles. Sieges are now the focal point. Your guild must attack the fortress of another player.

    About three paths one arrives during the battle to the enemy. You decide on one of the tracks and there must install catapults to attack the castle and to destroy the Guild Hall. Succeed you this, you have the game won. In addition, however, it is also your task to defend your own castle.

    That’s why it is very important that you have a well-developed fortress that can defend itself effectively. All buildings and upgrades visible directly to your castle and can be used. Among them, for example, the defense towers, which are intended to stop the enemies. Even the production buildings you must not neglect as these produce important inventories during the battle.

    Fight to the dragon comes!

    Sometime will emerge during the fight the dragon Cerasinax. This accesses the time being into the action, so it should not weigh you in safety. It is possible to draw the dragon on your side, by their bribe him with gold. That you have to turn decrease golems that wreak havoc in the countryside. Or do you ignore the dragon and concentrate on destroying as soon as possible the enemy guild hall before the dragon engaged in the fight. With Stronghold wins the developers of MMORPG Neverwinter sent to different players.

    Whether you want to be a front-line soldier who throws himself directly in the battle or a defender who keeps an eye on the catapults or if you prefer to search for the gold of the dragon, everyone should have fun with the new PvP mode can.

    Is your guild quite small, simply invites members of other guilds that are you during the match aside. Whether you win or lose, you wave as a reward Banner of the Fallen, which you are allowed to use against high-level equipment and resources vouchers to further improve your fortress.

    That sounds interesting, right?

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