Can texting your child at school cause problems?

Can texting your child at school cause problems?

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  1. A loud beep fills the classroom.  The culprit reaches into her pocket nonchalantly, unaware that this movement is in an instant alarm to any seasoned teacher’s sonar.  The instructor zeroes in on the unsuspecting youth, and just before the youngster can reply to the text message, the teacher confiscates the phone as classroom contraband.

     What Parents Should Know

     Although many parents want to be able to contact their child when need be, a student should not be disrupted while in class. With fear of cheating and inappropriate distractions filling classrooms, School districts have been known to sequester students’ cell phones until a parent can reclaim it. As frustrating as this is, there are ways to avoid such a situation.

     How to Avoid Texting Issues in School

     If there is an emergency dial the front office instead of your child’s phone.  Get the e-mails of all of your child’s teachers.  Many school districts have forms that parents can fill out which release their personal e-mail addresses to the school.  This will allow parents to connect directly to teachers’ e-mail addresses, grade books, and behavior accounts.  Check and see if your school district has something similar.  Having the upper hand of your child’s education is a guaranteed strategy that will assist in his/her success in school.

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