Cash benefits when transferring Child Custody

Cash benefits when transferring Child Custody

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    When you’re faced with the decision to establish heath care for a child, look no further than the medical benefits of a grandparent! To begin the life and cash savings process, simply complete an application for appointment of a temporary guardian for your child. Before a notary public, municipal clerk, or justice of the peace, complete the application of appointment in its entirety. Upon processing the application, the pertinent court will provide notice of hearing and proceed with appointment of the desired guardian. When approved, the guardian has the legal rights to place the child under their health care plan, establish all legal options, financial, and even where to attend school.

    In emergency situations, a petition may be filed with the court for Emergency Temporary Guardianship. This process is desired in the event that the parent may have been involved in an accident or is unable to make decisions on behalf of the child. Again, the appropriate forms will require completion before an appropriate authority, and fees associated with this type of filing are normally $100 to $200. The court often decides within a matter of minutes on the petition of Emergency Temporary orders for Guardianship. With a temporary order, the court is required by law to issue a decision which is only valid on periods of 30, 60, or 90 days. The temporary guardianship process is handled much faster than that of the permanent custodian. Upon submission of petition, the court will forward step by step instructions on where, when, and what will occur. The court requires that once the order is granted, every party involved must notify all pertinent parties of the rightful legal guardian whom now has the decision to act on behalf of the child. When trust of a potential guardian comes into play, an appropriate agreement may be made upon approval of the court concerning limited decision making when awarded guardianship of a child.

    What does this entire process mean for you in terms of cash benefits? In an economic crisis, the welfare of a child always comes into question. In the interest of a child’s wellbeing it is beneficial to transfer custody to a trusted parent, grandparent, and even maternal grandparent who may be in a position to better provide for the child’s health. The cash benefits alone are estimated to be anywhere from $50,000 to $10,000,000 per year per child! Many children require the benefits of an advanced medical coverage plan which pay out millions of dollars each year for advanced medical procedures, techniques, and even therapy.

    Application for Appointment of Child Temporary Guardian

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