cheap neverwinter astral diamonds Vanilla Forum Will Give More Functions & Remove Conversation Ability

cheap neverwinter astral diamonds Vanilla Forum Will Give More Functions & Remove Conversation Ability

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  1. Since the cheap neverwinter astral diamonds Vanilla forums released, players have received much convenience to talk about pvp, neverwinter astral diamond farming, or any other topic. These days players are gradually getting used to Vanilla Forums, the second updates will come after the completion of maintenance on August 27. However, new contents are not always welcomed. For example, except for hub changes and functions updates, players will lose conversation ability.

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    Updates that will come after game maintenance

    To re-organize the function of Vanilla Forums, the Arc community team has been beginning the neverwinter maintenance at 6:00 am PDT on August 26 and won’t end until 10:00 am PDT on August 27. Since there were some issue occurred during the process of migrating over Neverwinter forums to Vanilla, players seem not so expected for the new updates. However, there is no denying Vanilla forums bring many valuable features such as thumbnail & signature changing, thread bookmarking, etc. And this time, there will be some useful changes on hubs and search functions.

    1. Hubs change: Forum will live in their own instance and easy to navigate to, while the migration won’t change the content within any hub. Additionally, in order to better identify the areas of focus for each section, contents of per category will be adjusted

    2. Search Functions: According to players’ feedback, the Arc community team will bring more search functions to players, including better archive the searches and have them accessible including advanced searching. Well, it will be more amazing if they can remove the 10-result search limit, but maybe players need to wait for a next update.

    Changes that are planned to make for Vanilla Forum

    On top of the above updates that are developing, the officials also plan to remove the access to the current forum inboxes and instead replace with the Arc Mail system. They told that players’ messages will get across to all relevant parties by using the Arc Mail feature. However, most players show disappointment to this change. As players are being pushed to the Arc mail system, many functions from forum mail system, such as conversation ability will be removed, not to mention that it is less convenient when Arc Mail system will force players to use the Arc client.

    Fortunately, feedback will work in some degree, so players could still expect for other improvements. Besides, there are also some planned features, such as developer tracker to follow official posts and custom themes to adjust both the aesthetics and usability of the forums. While waiting for the new features, don’t forget to buy cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond with 8% discount on Gold4fans to enjoy the game.

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