Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds

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  1.   Ah, diamonds.  A girl’s best friend.  Aside from chocolate, that is.  Can you imagine Chocolate Diamonds?  Well, you don’t have to because they are real, and are stealing the spotlight from traditional white diamonds.  To understand more about chocolate diamonds, you first should know a bit about diamonds in general.  Diamonds formed in nature are a result of carbon that has been put under tremendous pressure along with very high heat.  This process occurs deep beneath the earth’s surface.  Scientists have been able to duplicate those conditions in the laboratory, resulting in man made diamonds. 

      What makes a diamond so special?  For one, diamonds are very rare in nature compared to other gems.  Another reason, and the most obvious, is their beauty.  Also, diamonds are extremely strong, and can cut through glass, even other gems.  White diamonds are valued by the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.  A perfect white diamond is one that is chemically pure with no structural imperfections.  Perfect diamonds don’t happen very often, though, and in the case of white diamonds, the less color in the stone the better, because it lacks the imperfections that cause color. 

      There are, however, some cases where the color of a gem has just the right hue and intensity, therefore increasing the value of the stone.  For example, pink diamonds are quite valuable, as well as intense blue, as in the case of the Hope Diamond.  These types of stones are labeled  Fancy Colored Diamonds.

      What are Chocolate Diamonds?

      Diamonds come in a vast array of colors, from gray or blue , orange, pink , yellow or white, even brown.  The rich brown diamonds are known as Chocolate Diamonds.  These diamonds have been graded within a specific color range and were branded Chocolate Diamonds by the well-known jewelers Le Vian.  Brown diamonds were once thought of as less valuable because of their dark color until Le Vian thought of marketing and selling specifically chosen stones as Chocolate Diamonds. Other companies have also jumped on the Chocolate Diamond bandwagon to reap some of the success of the colored stones, which have adorned the wrists and hands of a variety of celebrities.

       Shades of Brown Diamonds

    •  Champagne Diamonds are lighter with a warm, golden brown color.
    •  Cognac Diamonds have a red/orange or golden brown hue.
    •  Honey Diamonds are a light with an orange/yellow tone.
    •  Cinnamon Diamonds are light brown in color.
    •  Clove Diamonds have a dark olive brown tone.

      Champagne diamonds have become popular as well, you can find Champagne diamond jewelry at jewelers everywhere along with Chocolate Diamond jewelry.  Champagnes are often used with Chocolate Diamonds in jewelry settings because they compliment each other beautifully.

     Types of Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

        Chocolate Diamonds can be found in just about any type of jewelry, including earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Depending on the piece, Chocolate Diamonds are beautiful as the center stone or in an accent setting.  Chocolate Diamonds are often used in designs alongside Chocolate Pearls.  These pearls are a warm, brown color as well and go famously with their diamond counterparts, as well as white diamonds. 

      Of course, Chocolate Diamonds work very well with white diamonds.  They also go wonderfully with other colored gems, such as Aquamarines.  Diamond Chocolate and Aquamarine make a stunning combination and have become quite popular.  There seems to be no limit to the combinations that are possible with Chocolate Diamond jewelry.

      Buying Chocolate Diamonds

      When buying chocolate diamond jewelry, be aware that there are sellers out there who may try to pass lower quality brown diamonds as Chocolate Diamonds.  Buy only from a trusted jeweler, and request a certificate to prove its authenticity and origin.

      The term chocolate evokes positive feelings in most people, so its easy to understand why Chocolate Diamonds have become so popular.  These stunning diamonds possess a rich, earthy color that compliments any skin tone.  Not flashy, but brilliant, Chocolate Diamonds are an elegant and classy member of the colored diamond genre.

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