Clouds on the IT Horizon

Clouds on the IT Horizon

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  1. Clouds are upon us and more are approaching, but much nicer clouds than any weather by Mother Nature. Around the late 1990’s, recall the World Wide Web was called ‘The Cloud’ on our network diagrams ‘The Cloud’ was a very large network with increasing connections hourly across our smaller planet. And ‘The Cloud’ was loosely defined as a public IT network universe; basically a physical IT macro-climate for this article. Today, smaller and private IT clouds, or virtual IT micro-climates, is a wonderful IT service concept for today to assist any business requiring more services at less cost, much less cost actually.

    Cloud Computing and a better descriptor, Cloud Networking, is here and IT decision makers are enabled with several IT service options to save on their IT budgets and still provision sophisticated IT services to their clients. Serious IT budget savings can be realized by transitioning from traditional physical servers to virtual servers. When a host server provides the physical chassis to operate several guest virtual servers, hardware costs are reduced up to about 50% to 85%. When the IT decision maker transitions from the common client access licensing (CALs) to include the rising subscriber access licensing (SALs) model, additional software costs of about 40% to 65% are common. And when additional savings are desired, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services are replacing those costly demonic PCs, another 80% savings recovered from much less sneaker administration.

    This information disclosure effort to encourage anyone to consider cloud networking for their IT needs is only an introduction or launch point to a collection of 10 chapters. this effort will include various IT service needs to further explain cloud network justification, planning, setup, transition, maintenance, and scaling.  Any IT staff can provide their own intranet cloud, or an extranet cloud or to securely access a portion of a cloud network to a hoster of cloud networking such The following basic areas of IT concerns regarding a choice of traditional IT physical servers or a move to a cloud in your business will be covered in depth:

    1. Network DNA, with a twist?
    2. Services for the user, cloud justifications and transitions
    3. Increase security with planning for your cloud
    4. Setup the capacity of your cloud and lower the maintenance
    5. Scaling the cloud solution
    6. Hardware/Software cost savings on every level
    7. Logon the user to a PC or logon to a what? VDI (Virtual Desktop Initiative) and RDS (Remote Desktop Services)
    8. Testing and Developers virtual networks
    9. IT Staff modifications to make it all happen
    10. Next review of clouds from over the horizon to comfort us tomorrow

    Every two weeks I will amplify the advantages of a cloud network deployment for your business. See you on Flight 1, DNA to the clouds.

    Tony Marron, MCSE, owner/founder of HSP Central .

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