Combating Morning Sickness

Combating Morning Sickness

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  1. During pregnancy, morning sickness –which can be all day sickness – can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to deal with. Nausea due to pregnancy is caused by the increase in hormones that are being produced during the first trimester. Generally, the nausea subsides during the first couple weeks of the second trimester, but until then… is there anything you can do? While none of these a sure way to prevent vomiting and nausea, they’re worth a try.


    If you are sick through most of the day, eat smaller, blander foods, such as crackers and less flavorful fruits and vegetables. Chew your food thoroughly, so it’s not settling so heavily in your stomach. Make sure your stomach is never completely empty, because the feeling of hunger can make you feel sicker.

    Vitamin B6

    Taking an extra vitamin B6 (also called pyridoxine) can help you with your feeling of queasiness, although no one is sure why. Talk to your OB or caregiver before taking this, because he or she may suggest a good supplement and how much to take, and never take more than your doctor recommends.

    Ginger Tea

    This remedy is considered an old wives tale, but it can still help suppress nausea and vomiting. Why? The feeling of nausea can actually be multiplied by just feeling nauseous. The mind can actually be fooled into thinking you aren’t sick. However, for you clever people who know you’re nauseous, this may not work. If you can’t find ginger tea, you can suck on a ginger root. The root is pretty strong, but the strength of the smell can help you forget you feel nauseous.

    Stay away from Odors

    Speaking of smells, stay away from those that you don’t like and make you feel sick. If you find that raw hamburger makes you sick to your stomach, the best thing to do is not be around it. These odors can upset your stomach and start the heaving muscles that are used to get sick. Your nose may be sensitive right now, so be very careful when you take a deep breath! 

    The Acupuncture Wristband “Sea Band”

    The acupuncture wristband looks quite like a sweatband you wear on the wrist, but on the inside of the wristband there is a nodule that place on a specific area of your wrist. It is said to relieve the urge to vomit by putting pressure on a pressure point to make your nerve impulses forget you feel sick.

    Hindering Your Work Performance

    If getting ready in the morning is too difficult because of nausea or vomiting, wake up earlier – about the amount of time you’re sick. If you’re sick for a half an hour in the morning, wake up a half an hour earlier. This of course wouldn’t work for someone who is sick for 2 or 3 hours, but if you only have a short spurt of serious nausea, this is a good idea. It doesn’t prevent nausea and vomiting, but it can help if you’re late each morning

    Take small sips from room-temperature water through the day. This helps your body stay hydrated and repress the urge to vomit. Other fluids such with caffeine and carbonation can upset the stomach, causing muscle contractions. In other words, they don’t sit in your stomach, like water does.

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