Considering Breastfeeding

Considering Breastfeeding

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  1. If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, the question has come up “Are you going to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby”? There are so many options, from solely feeding from the breast, pumping to bottle feed, supplementing or formula feeding. You know of course, that nursing your baby is the best and healthiest way to feed your baby. Sometimes however, outside circumstances must weigh in, in order to make your decision.

    Breast Feeding: Why it’s the best.

    Breast milk is first and foremost what your baby needs. We were created with the ability to give our babies better immune systems and every nutrient they need with our breast milk alone. Breast milk is specially formulated with what our babies needs and how much they need. Simply put, breast milk is the most ideal feeding for a baby.

    However, sometimes medical circumstances get in the way. For example, if you take a medication that can’t be taken while breastfeeding, you must weigh the options. Take your medicine or breastfeed your baby? There are times when the situation cannot be discussed because the medication is vital to your health, and it is better being healthy to take care of your baby, than suffering serious or life-threatening conditions to breastfeed your baby.  Another medical problem occurring with the mother, although uncommon, occurring in only about 2% of women is the inability to lactate, or produce milk. There is not much you can do about this, although seeing a lactation specialist can help if there are other steps you can take to produce milk. Even though you may not experience any of these complications, you can still have a baby that simply doesn’t latch on. This can easily be fixed with pumping, the only problem is to find a nipple that your baby can latch onto easily.

    Considering breastfeeding

    All medical conditions aside, there are still things to consider when deciding to breastfeed. The easiest thing to do is weigh the pros and cons for yourself and your baby. Although every circumstance and lifestyle is different, here are some things to think about when deciding whether to breast or bottle feed.

    The Pros of Breast Feeding

    • It’s the best thing to feed your baby
    • For the most part, it’s easy and convenient. There’s no need to mix powdered formula with the right amount of water, all the while your baby screaming because he wants food now. You can open a part of your nursing bra and your baby will latch on.
    • You can snooze while you breastfeed at night. There’s no need to hold a bottle. This is not to be confused with co-sleeping, however that is a choice a lot of mothers make, and raise their children just fine.
    • There is a very close bond between a mother and baby during breastfeeding.
    • If you’ve had a history of colicky babies, breastfeeding reduces the risk of colic. And crying.

    Bottle feeding breast milk pros:

    • Dad can be a part of the feeding, too. There’s a bond between a father and baby, as well.
    • Although there are very discreet ways of breastfeeding, there is less hassle in public not to be seen. Just pump before you leave home, and bottle feed while you’re gone.
    • If your baby will latch on to your nipple and a bottle, you can pump in the morning and have enough milk supplied for the rest of the day, and store them in milk bags for quite a while.
    • Less cracked nipples and pain, while still giving your baby the ideal nutrients.
    • Lose weight twice as fast breastfeeding, because you burn more calories. You can easily and quickly get back to your pre-baby weight.


    Breast Feeding Cons

    • If you plan on going back to work, you may not have the option of bringing your baby to your jobsite to breast feed on demand.
    • You may also find that you do not have an adequate place to pump when your breasts become engorged, or you do not have enough break time or a place to store the milk.
    • Even if you don’t work outside the home and have other kids to take care of, breast feeding is very time consuming.
    • You may feel more tired than usual because breast milk requires a lot of energy. If you already have low energy, breastfeeding may not be for you. You can try iron and energy supplements, such as wheat bread to snack on.

    Although breastfeeding is the most beneficial and ideal for you and your baby, it is not the only accepted way to feed your baby. You may find that formula, with an extra vitamin if your baby needs it, is the perfect situation for you. You can also do what’s called supplementing, which is both breastfeeding and formula feeding. This can be a great thing for you moms who work but don’t have the convenience of feeding or pumping at work. Your baby can formula feed in the day time with the caregiver, and breast feed in the mornings before you leave for work and at night. Whichever you choose, you know what is best for your baby.

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