Coping When Cats Get Cancer

Coping When Cats Get Cancer

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  1. catsCats that get older get cancer more and more. Depending on the type of cancer and the age of your cat, your treatment options can vary. Unfortunately while there has been some progress in the realm of feline medicine, cancer is still a tough nut to crack, even though for some cancers there are treatment options available.

    Treatable Cancer in Cats

    If your cat has lymphoma, your cat lucked out. Lymphoma is the only form of treatable cancer. While some cancer clinics might say others are treatable, they only mean that the process can be slowed – at best your cat will get another 3 to 6 months for any cancer other than lymphoma.

    Thinking of Your Cat’s Needs First

    You might think that not attempting to treat your cat’s cancer is unfair to your cat, but the fact of the matter is that the chemotherapy that your cat would have to undergo is not a better life if your cat does not have the treatable cancer. While your conscience may weigh heavily, keep in mind that your cat should be comfortable over anything else and that your time together should be enjoyed and not spent in a cancer clinic.

    The Cost of Cancer

    If you didn’t have the foresight to purchase cat insurance, some cancer clinics offer financing. The cost for treating cancer for your cat will cost anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. The cost can be higher, depending on your treatment options.

    Saying Goodbye

    One of the things that we always seem to forget when a cat is sick is that our cats have much shorter lives than we do. Part of the bargain of having a cat as a companion is recognizing that their lives are short and we will have to appreciate them while we have them in our lives. Take some time to take photos, videos, and paw prints of your beloved cat. Cancer might be a tough situation for your cat, but you can always make the most of it for your cat’s final days. You’re not alone – many cat lovers before you have had to face this dilemma. If you still find the pain is too much to handle, consider visiting online forums and message boards of fellow cat lovers to talk about your experience and help to move forward.

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