1. We hear people talk about creative writing all the time, but are we really clear on what it is? I mean, truly clear? Many believe that creative writing is limited to fiction writing, or even poetry, but that doesn’t take into account all the non-fiction writers who turn deep psychological theories into easy to understand concepts. Or memoir writers who use their individual experiences to demonstrate the life lessons that everyone can benefit from. That takes creativity, a lot of it.

    Getting started in creative writing is simple, all you need is an idea and a passion. In fiction it’s all about immersing the reader into the story and making them care about the characters. There’s a magic that happens between writer and reader when the writer spins a story that so touches the reader that they can often lose themselves. As a writer you hold an amazing power, to inspire, create lasting change, and even show someone a new way of looking at something.

    Skeptical? Think for a second about your favorite author, didn’t Tolkien bring you straight to middle earth? How about Rowling transporting you to Hogwarts and making you root for the cricket team? Who would’ve thought that vampires could sparkle until Edward Cullen won the hearts of young girls everywhere?

    As I said earlier, it’s not just the fiction writers that hold this power. How many people were inspired to change their lives through the Law of Attraction after being introduced to The Secret? Or found peace and comfort through the Chicken Soup books? Countless.

    So what does it take to be a Creative Writer? Courage, inspiration, stories, and the willingness to discover pieces of yourself you might not have known existed before.  And maybe, just maybe decide to help someone else by sharing your experiences. 

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