Cut Sugar, Lose Weight and Prevent Heart Disease

Cut Sugar, Lose Weight and Prevent Heart Disease

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  1. Heart disease ranks as the leading cause of death among Americans, yet this killer disease remains a mystery to most people who may someday suffer from its devastating grasp. The etiology of heart disease is no longer a shrouded mystery, as researchers now have a solid understanding of the factors which cause the most common form of heart disease known as coronary artery disease.

    Diet plays a major role in the cascade of events which leads to the formation of arterial plaque and clots which can break away and plug the delicate arteries of the heart. Information published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who consumed diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates were twice as likely to suffer from heart disease compared with their lower carb counterparts.

    Eliminate Processed Carbs, Reduce Heart Disease Risk

    Eating your favorite breakfast cereal or multi grain bread may not be a healthy choice, despite the barrage of advertisements to the contrary. Sugar transforms into triglycerides in the blood, regardless of whether it’s added as table sugar, consumed in ice cream, converted through high glycemic load carbs or swallowed in sugary soft drinks in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

    Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes and Drop Weight

    Cut back, or even eliminate sugar in its many forms to drop risk of heart disease and a potentially fatal heart attack. Excess sugar and carbohydrates are the primary reason so many people are unable to lose weight, as it wreaks havoc on your metabolism causing sharp spikes in blood sugar. This results in excess residual blood sugar which is eventually converted to triglycerides for storage as fat. Break the sugar rush cycle, and your body will begin to function properly by releasing excess fat, with weight loss as a natural result.

    Use Sugar Substitutes

    The first step to removing sugar from your diet is to replace sugars added to food and drink with low-calorie substitutes. While there’s some controversy about using artificial sweeteners, the benefits far outweigh the poorly documented risks, especially when considering the significant health hazard posed by sugar. The two best options are sucralose (Splenda brand) and the all natural sweetener, stevia. Avoid using any product containing aspartame, as it has been linked to brain cell excitation and neurologic disorders.

    Swap Fruit for Sweets

    Your ultimate goal is to eliminate sugar in all its different disguises entirely from your diet. This is best done slowly through a carefully planned series of substitutions. Fruit works well as it has the same sweet taste as sugar, yet for most people doesn’t promote the rapid blood sugar surge due to its fiber content. Grab an apple instead of cake for dessert, or have a healthy bowl of mixed fruit and berries instead of your favorite breakfast cereal. Include a protein source to further level the blood sugar response.

    Research is shining a bright light on how sugar leads to heart disease, and causes metabolic alterations which promote the storage of fat. In order to drop our risk from this number one killer, and naturally lose weight, we must slowly cut back and remove sugar in all forms from our diet. We consume sugar from many sources, including table sugar, baked goods, breads, and drinks. A plan which methodically eliminates sugar entirely will have a positive impact on our overall health and assist in natural weight loss.

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