Cut Sugar to Boost Your Immune System

Cut Sugar to Boost Your Immune System

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  1. The Standard American Diet is dangerous to your health. We consume far too much sugar and processed high carbohydrate junk foods which are literally destroying our immune system and leading to an early death. While this may sound overly dramatic, research provides solid proof that what we eat slowly erodes our natural defenses to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

    Sugar Knocks Out Our Immune Response

    Normally, our immune system remains at high alert, waiting to detect a potential threat or rogue cancer cell. This system that we rely on for our good health and longevity can be compromised by eating a diet high in sugar and junk carbs. Not only do these foods threaten our survival, but they also cripple our metabolism causing us to gain weight.

    The results of a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that a diet high in sugar and fast-releasing carbohydrates increases the risk of death from inflammatory disease by three-fold. Many of the top killer diseases are inflammatory in nature, including coronary artery disease and many forms of cancer.

    The study found that higher than normal levels of sugar in the blood were bound to white blood cells which prevented them from identifying and attacking pathogens. Fortunately there are several steps you can follow to dramatically lower your risk of developing an inflammatory illness and reverse your systemic sugar burden.

    Step 1: Slowly Cut Sugar and Carbs

    While this may sound like a simple concept, research shows that less than 5% of people who set out to make a dietary modification are able to see it through and benefit from the change. Any dietary alteration is difficult and must be done slowly. You know that you need to wean yourself off sugary treats, refined carbs and fast junk food, but don’t try to do it cold turkey.

    Slowly drop one item from each meal and substitute with a healthy alternative. Continue eliminating sugar and processed carbs for two weeks, and then drop them altogether. After 30 days of dietary purging and substituting, you’ll find that you feel great and don’t miss the health destroying foods at all. Natural foods will taste good, and you’ll lose weight without much effort.

    Step 2: Foods That Boost Your Immune System

    Some of the foods you will want to use as sugar alternatives include all members of the berry family. They’re naturally sweet and are packed with antioxidants and chemical messengers which stimulate the immune system into action. Fresh leafy greens and especially cabbage, spinach and broccoli are vegetable choices which will fill you up quickly and pack a big nutritional punch. Almonds and flax seeds have been shown to regulate your immune response and also assist in natural weight loss.

    Step 3: Immune Boosting Supplements

    The top nutrient for powering your immune system is Vitamin D. This pro-hormone has been shown to directly influence over 200 genes which respond to natural threats to your health. Vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system as it is required for building new white blood cells. Rounding out the list are Vitamins E, zinc, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids. Compliment your sugar-free diet and lifestyle by adding these critical supplements to your disease-fighting arsenal.

    When our immune system is functioning properly, we’re able to maintain optimal health. Anything which compromises this intricate system will result in illness. Many people consume one-third to a half of their calories in the form of sugar and refined carbohydrates, placing them at significant risk for disease, as well as contributing to the obesity epidemic. Slowly substitute immune fighting foods for health eroding sugar and carbs, and you’ll be on the road to natural weight loss and vibrant health.

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