​darkscape gold cheap will be necessary if More Rewarding PvP Add to Darkscape

​darkscape gold cheap will be necessary if More Rewarding PvP Add to Darkscape

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  1. When playing in Darkscape, every player want to get more rewards and Darkscape gold instead of losing great combat items at the cost of DS gold. Besides, players also want to have fun in the game without the possibility of abuse or “boosting”. Luckily, you can buy cheap darkscape gold on RSorder if you need. We came up with an idea to add more rewarding PvP to the game to make the game more playable. Buy cheap DS gold on RSorder to have fun in the game.

    Reward players who kill a player with 1 Thaler

    Anyone brave enough to risk in PvP will be able to get rewards. If one is risking over 50K GP in GE value, then one will only earn up to 1 Thaler per five minutes in normal circumstances. However, if one would like to risk less than 50K in GE value, one can earn 1 Thaler every 15 minutes. Just like the Minigame Spotlight, there may be a region of the map that changes every 3 days where you will be able to earn up to 1 Thaler per minute from PvP kills.

    Reward half of Thaler-purchasable items

    When you kill a player who is using Thaler-purchasable items, then those items will be converted into half their Thaler cost and given to you. For example, a Fighter Torso costs 150 Thaler. So if you kill someone who is using a Fighter Torso, you will be rewarded with 75 Thaler instantly instead of getting nothing! Sounds great? If you need Darkscape gold when playing in the game, you can buy cheap DS gold on RSorder.

    Add unobtainable rewards in the game

    Just as you can see, the assets for unobtainable items already exist in the game, and they are not available through game play. If they are available in the game, it will reduce development time and make use of pre-existing assets. All of these rewards would be always-lost-on-death, even if you are 1-iteming or not skulled. So is this just want you want? If the answers is yes, you can buy cheap DS gold on RSorder to get what you need.

    These ideas are our suggestion, and we are not sure if these will realize in the game. You see, we want every player can have fun in the game. If you are in need of DS gold when you are playing the game, you can always buy cheap DS gold on RSorder. RSorder always have plenty of cheap Darkscape gold for sale.

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