Diabetes Prevention Have That Cup Of Coffee

Diabetes Prevention Have That Cup Of Coffee

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  1. Prevention of diabetes has recently been discovered by scientists, which indicate that caffeine is possibly the ingredient mainly liable for the prevention. Association between caffeine and diabetes has been established in the first animal study. The group of scientists who conducted the study are from the Nagoya University in Japan. The scientists study appears in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

    Scientists have documented in past studies that caffeine consumption on a regular basis may just have the ability to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. In the United States six million people have the disease and out of that number it leads to 225,000 deaths. The disease is constantly increasing each year. Lab animals are being used to do research on studies where humans can not be used.

    Scientists had administered either water or coffee to a group of lab mice which are usually used to study diabetes. The coffee which was consumed had stopped the increase of high blood sugar and also increased insulin sensitivity in the mice which caused the reduction in diabetes. The coffee also produced a flood of other favorable changes in the fatty liver and inflammatory adipocytokines applying to a decrease of diabetes risk. Other laboratory studies revealed that caffeine possibly is one of the greatest producing anti diabetic compounds in coffee.

    Research scientist Tomas DePaulis, Ph. D, at the Vanderbilt University Institute for Coffee Studies, stated in a previous article that in whole all the research conducted on coffee has demonstrated provides more health benefits than it causes harm to persons. Past studies shown that persons who drink coffee have up to an 80% chance not to develop Parkinson’s and at least two cups per day can cut down your risks of colon caner by 25% and nearly 50% of gall stones.

    Past studies have also linked coffee drinking to help with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases along with uterine cancer.

    Coffee has been associated to management of asthma and control of asthmatic attacks, stops headaches and prevents cavities.

    Some persons with diabetes choose to use alternative therapies to treat their diabetes.


    Currently due to research studies there are only a few results on acupuncture to control blood sugar. It is immensely helpful to manage your weight, a main factor in diabetes prevention.


    Herbal remedies are administered. Some of these include Diabeta which is a combination of anti diabetics reinforced with strong immunomdulators, antihyperlipidemics, anti stress and hepatoprotectives all from plant origins. Shudh Shilajit may also be used for prevention and treatment of diabetes. One of the reasons why it is used is to regulate blood sugar.

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