Diet and Weight Loss during Football Season

Diet and Weight Loss during Football Season

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  1. You can feel it in the air – a little bit less humidity, a few degrees colder. The leaves haven’t changed yet, but you can still tell that summer is winding down and fall is starting. On one hand, this is an exciting time of year that marks the start of a new season. On the other hand, if you have spent the summer trying to get healthier or lose weight, the fall can be a challenging time. As football season starts and the weather gets cooler it is easy to trade the treadmill for the gym and healthy snacks for buffalo wings and taco dip.

    Smart Choices at Sunday Gatherings

    It is always fun to have friends over for a football game, but for many of us who are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just be healthier, this can be a tricky situation to navigate. As a guest at someone else’s party, it seems rude if you don’t eat the food that is served. If you are the one hosting the party, it seems unfair to force your diet on everyone else. So what is a healthy person to do? Here are some suggestions for enjoying these parties without ruining your diet:

    – Offer to bring an entree or an appetizer. Check out magazines and websites such as Eating Well or Cooking Light for healthier takes on classic dishes. You will be able to enjoy something delicious when everyone else is eating that isn’t high-fat or high-calorie.

    – If you can’t bring an entree, eat something healthy before you go. A healthy snack or small meal means you won’t be starving while you watch the game so you will be less tempted by the unhealthy food that is served.

    – Remember portion control if you decide to indulge. Every diet needs a little flexibility, so if you have decided to splurge at this particular moment, keep portion sizes in mind. Have one serving, avoid seconds, and you will feel better stepping on the scale the next day.

    – Avoid alcoholic beverages. Not only are these sources of extra calories that lack nutritional value, alcohol also lowers inhibitions which can lead dieters to overeat. If you must have something alcoholic, make sure it’s light beer and limit yourself to one or two.


    Have fun!

    Remember, the focus is on the friends and the fun, not on the food. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you can have a great time and look great! A balanced lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, so choose carefully and choose well.

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