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  1. DirecTv

    DirecTv is ‘the ultimate TV experience.’  They are a satellite television provider offering over 285 channels, over 160 of which are in crystal clear HD.  Their service is available almost anywhere simply by having a satellite dish, which they provide for you.


    HD (or high definition) is the best quality picture you can get.  DirecTV broadcasts in 1080p HD.  Not only do you have access to over 160 of your favorite channels in HD, you also have access to the most HD movies.


    DirecTV offers dvr service, which allows you to watch TV on your terms.  You can record shows to watch at a later date, or even pause and rewind live TV.  DirecTV also allows you to set series recordings to ensure you never miss and episode of your favorite shows.  They also allow you to set recordings from your phone or computer when you’re away from home.


    DirecTV offers multiple sports packages so you never miss a game.  NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, and NBA League Pass (just to name a few) deliver every single game, even the ones not shown in your local area.  They also give you access to live pay-per-view events such as boxing and UFC.


    DirecTV also offers an array of satellite radio stations.  Everything from gospel, to rock, to r&b playing 24 hours a day.

    Premium Channels

    DirecTV offers all of your favorites including HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax as well as adult entertainment channels, Game Lounge, and BabyFirstTV.


    DirecTV offers four different packages, all of which are customizable by adding premium channels and extras.

    • Choice – 150+ channels starting at $29.99/mo
    • Choice Xtra – 210+ channels starting at $34.99/mo
    • Choice Ultimate – 225 channels starting at $39.99/mo
    • Premier – 285+ channels starting at $85.99/mo

    Contract and Extra Fees

    DirecTV requires a 24 month service agreement, and has a hefty cancellation fee.

    Every leased receiver adds on a $5/month receiver lease fee

    HD Access is $10/month 

    DVR Service is $7/month

    Whole-Home DVR Service is an additional $3/month

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