Double Apple Overview

Double Apple is one of the more than seventy flavors in the Exotic range of Starbuzz. The company has several apple based flavors, including quite a few in the Exotic range. It has Apple Americano, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Martini, Caramel Apple, Sour Apple, Sweet Apple, and Turkish Apple. For now, let us dive into Double Apple.

Introducing Double Apple from Starbuzz

The official description of Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple reads, “A delicate mix of green and red apples with a nice hidden note of anise”. The product label on the can also displays two bright, colorful and fresh apples. This Exotic shisha flavor is available in three sizes: 100g, 250g, and 1000g or 1kg.

Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple

Starbuzz has a legacy of delivering precisely what it promises. It continues to uphold this tradition with the Exotic Double Apple. As you open the can, you will smell apples. There is also the typical aroma of anise. Many people refer to this fragrance as or associate it with black licorice. This is not an accurate assessment. Anise belongs to the family of parsley, whereas licorice or black licorice is a plant classified as legume. So, inside the can, Double Apple is basically a generous dose of the popular fruit with a sustained tinge of a cherished spice. Some people may actually sense more anise than apples, but that is simply a difference in olfactory perception.

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple uses blonde or golden leaf tobacco. Hence, it is not as strong as the Bold or Vintage flavors. Double Apple is sweet, pleasant, aromatic, smooth, and refreshing. There is no mint or menthol, so you will not get any cold hit. The flavor is soothing as there is no hard punch or an instant kick. Double Apple has a distinct flavor profile due to the complementary blending of the fruits with anise. It is a flavor that most smokers, whether beginners or connoisseurs, can enjoy for a really long time.

User Experience of Double Apple

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple delivers flavorful smoke. There is no primary or secondary profile. The blended aromatic sweetness of red and green apples along with anise is consistent throughout a session. Smokers should just give it some time for the charcoals to adequately heat the tobacco. Since the Exotic range is neither too intense nor excessively heavy with its nicotine content, the charcoals should be hot enough to sufficiently warm the tobacco and generate substantial smoke. Four to five minutes should be set aside for two to three pieces of well-lit charcoals for the Double Apple to deliver voluminous smoke.

Double Apple delivers its flavors unto the very last puff. It endures well. There is no strange hit or choking effect, unless you are not cleaning the ash and rotating the charcoals in a timely manner. Starbuzz has quite a few flavors in its Exotic range that you can keep smoking for hours. Double Apple is certainly in that revered and celebrated category.

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