Dry vs. Wet Cat Food

Dry vs. Wet Cat Food

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  1. cat foodDry cat food and wet cat food in cans are both viable options for feeding your cat. Elderly cats are better off eating wet food if they gum the dry food too much, but dry good can be good for cats as it contains a good amount of nutrients (lamb and rice with omega 3 is a good dry food for adult cats).

    Your cat needs a high protein diet and requires meat in order to maintain healthy muscles and internal organs, so never feed your cat a vegan diet.

    Wet Food is Usually More Popular with Cats

    Most cats prefer canned cat food to dry cat food any day. This is not simply because wet food tastes better, but because wet food is much closer to the type of food a cat would hunt in the wild, complete with fresh juicy meat and soft flesh. Wet food has a bit more flavor to it, but it is much easier for your cat to eat wet food than dry food.

    Dry Food Gets Swallowed Whole

    You may watch your cat eating kibble and wonder why some of the pieces ingested do not sound like they were chewed. This is simply because cats generally just break up the food enough that it can be swallowed. As predators, cats have teeth that are ideal for tearing at flesh and breaking it down into more manageable bites, but they lack the flat surfaces of teeth that would otherwise be used for breaking up the food into a pulp like humans do (most of the time).

    Instead, cats are able to swallow the food mostly whole, as their stomach are able to break down the food and absorb the nutrients, in spite of the fact that the food is not as crunched into tinier pieces.

    Combination of Wet and Dry Food

    A good way to give your cat a healthy balance is to offer a set portion of dry food daily and then a portion of a wet can of cat food in the morning and/or evening. This will help your cat have more variety with their meals, but also give them a chance to eat food that tastes natural to them, while still getting the nutrients that come with dry cat food.

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