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In the race of survival and superiority we often forget about our most valuable asset- our health, every breath we take is a blessing which we realize only when we get choked up or have difficulty in breathing and then we start getting stressed out about our health. Participating or engaging one self in any kind of outdoor sport can work wonders for our human body as it has the potential to lift up your mood and your spirit to live life in a happy way by increasing the physical stamina and muscular strength of an individual. Combat sports teaches us the techiques of self defense, self-reliance, identification of opponent’s weakness and knocking down the opponent at the right time.

  • Eastern Queens boxing club is a renowned institution in the Eastern Queens which provides boxing training to individuals of different age groups at affordable membership plans and with modern equipment. There are special classes that train women and kids for Mixed martial arts while other training programs include women kick boxing and kids kick boxing. The institution provides 24 hours access to their member and related gym equipment for various training sessions. Special discounts are given to the senior citizens for encouraging them to become the club member and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to keep ourselves healthy is in living an active and energetic life despite of the
shortcomings and stress that we must face every day. The professionals at Eastern Queens boxing club have a friendly approach towards their students and they encourage them to develop their own strategies as far as they are beneficial to them and help them to master the skills required to become a champion in the world of boxing.

Learning is a process which does not have any age limit, anyone belonging any age group and can learn and develop their own techniques and skills under the guidance of trained professionals. Self defense is the need of the day, with the growing number of crime rates in the country it has become extremely important for an individual whether it’s a man, a woman, teens or a child to possess basic self defense techniques and life saving skills to safeguard themselves from the criminal activities around them. This is the main reason that boxing is gaining popularity among women and kids who are considered the weakest targets of the criminals.

Eastern Queens boxing gym is the perfect place where all the needs are considered and served well, Either you want to have a healthy life or you want to become a boxing champion or you just want to try your hands on boxing Eastern Queens boxing club is just the right place where you need to land.

Join our club today and avail special discounts on various membership plans and gift yourself a healthy life full of freedom, energy and gain the ability to knock down your opponent when required because you are worth it!

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