Eat More and Weigh Less

Eat More and Weigh Less

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  1. Many people beginning a new weight loss program believe they need to dramatically restrict calories to lose weight, a big mistake which will ultimately result in failure. The body is very sensitive to the amount of food and calories you eat on a daily basis, and will kick into survival mode if you limit calories too severely. Instead of making large changes in the amount of food you consume, try changing the types of food you eat. You’ll reach your weight goal faster and never feel hungry along the way.

    Fresh Vegetables and Fruits are the Key to Weight Loss Success

    Everybody has heard that it’s important to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and yet only 20% of people actually hit that goal. The reality is that you actually need to double the recommended daily servings of veggies to feel full and jumpstart your weight loss metabolism. Information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that you make healthy substitutions at each meal to slowly purge high calorie foods which halt your best weight loss efforts.

    Eat More to Lose More

    The bottom line is you still need to eat fewer calories to begin the metabolic process in your body which will naturally purge stored fat. The important piece of the puzzle is to understand that fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with the nutrients you need to function optimally, and they fill you up at the same time.

    Use Food Substitutions at Each Meal

    Make an effort to eliminate one high calorie food at each meal. For breakfast, drop the sausage biscuit in favor of a bowl of mixed berries. For lunch, eliminate that burger and fries for a salad with fresh greens and topped with grilled chicken or turkey. At dinner you can nix the mashed potatoes and substitute some steamed broccoli. Enjoy healthy quantities of your new food substitutions, and you won’t fell hungry while you save about 500 calories each day.

    All Foods Have a Different Effect on Your Metabolism

    Once you’ve discovered that you can eat more food by substituting, and are beginning to see the weight drop, it’s time to really take a look at the types of food in your diet which are causing you to stall or plateau above your ideal goal. This happens with virtually every dietary alteration, and is the body’s way of protecting you while you adjust to your new lifestyle.

    Purge Unhealthy Food Groups

    Many times you can provide the small push needed to fuel fat release by looking for those dangerous food groups which are sabotaging your best efforts. Continue to add more vegetables into your diet, and move to eliminate all wheat, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, breads, pasta, and hydrogenated fats from your menu. This will be difficult at first, so proceed by cutting one food group each week. It won’t be long until you’ve fully purged these metabolism busters for good, and you’ll feel rejuvenated for your efforts.

    People looking to lose weight have made an important decision which will affect the quality and length of their life. Most are amazed that they can eat virtually unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit while making food substitutions. The final step is to drop wheat, trans fats and refined carb food groups which are proven to damage health. It really is possible to hit your weight loss goal, regain your health and never feel hungry again.

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