EFT Is a Great Way to Deal with Insomnia

EFT Is a Great Way to Deal with Insomnia

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    Late nights, early mornings-you thought that all that was for when you were younger! Surely by now you should be allowed to sleep in until at least noon, wake up refreshed and ready to start your day, enjoying life. Instead, you find yourself unable to fall asleep until early morning, and waking up just a few hours after dozing off. Quality sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning-forget it. Instead you are drinking eight cups of coffee just to keep your eyes open, and destroying your health in the process. There must be a cure for this madness called insomnia.

    Indeed there is a cure. There are many "cures", in fact, but one that does not involve drugs or even natural supplements, one that is completely free and yet 100% effective is known as EFT Tapping Therapy. Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Therapy is used by doctors world wide to relieve physical issues, especially those caused by underlying emotional issues, insomnia being one of them.

    EFT uses a technique that is similar to acupuncture, but with tapping instead of needles. Very simply, you tap along certain Meridian points that will "unbind" emotional issues in your life and leave you free. This technique sometimes involves saying certain positive affirmations along with the tapping.

    Now, if this seems just a little too "weird" for you, then that is fine, and completely understandable. Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Therapy is a little different that what most people are used to, but at the same time, the results cannot be denied.

    One woman reports suffering from insomnia for years before trying EFT before bed. Within fifteen minutes, she was asleep that night. While most people will not have such instantaneous results, they are definitely possible, and even if it takes a few nights of doing EFT Tapping Therapy on yourself, you are almost guaranteed to have restful sleep.

    How do you do it? Lightly tap various points on your face and body, including your eyebrows, chest, and chin, while repeating a certain phrase, such as "Though I am nervous about not sleeping tonight, I choose to relax and trust that I will get the sleep I need." Always follow a negative statement with a positive statement. As mentioned before, you may not have blissful sleep the first night, but doing EFT with the positive affirmations will relieve your stress and leave you ready for sleep.

    Because stress is such a major part of not being able to sleep, you may need to begin by tapping for stress, not for insomnia. "Even though I feel stressed, I…" and follow it up with a positive statement. You can even be more specific to get better results: "Even though I am worried about losing my job, I…" Using this technique to treat stress, and then using different words to treat insomnia, all the while tapping, will put you ahead when trying to sleep.

    Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Therapy is not the only way to help with insomnia, though. You may also want to journal before bed, and write everything you are thinking, so that you can go to bed with a clear mind. Drinking water before bed also might help with insomnia, as will eating a light carbohydrate snack, such as crackers.

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